Derma Essentia Advanced SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion Review

Derma Essentia sunscreen SPF 50 lotion or sunscreen creams are used upon the heat or demography of a certain area which is exposed to sunlight.

Areas near the pole shall not use of a sunscreen lotion or a sunscreen cream.
A particular sunscreen lotion or cream comes in handy if one visits a beach or wants to dive into a swimming pool.

The role of a particular sunscreen is mainly avoid tanning of the skin.

Derma Essentia Sunscreen

Features Of Derma Essentia Sunscreen

Gel based formulation
Indian originated
Highest power of sun protection formulae
Lightens the skin tone by avoiding tanning
Prevents the skin from pollutants as well as oxidants
Hydrating gel formulae
Protects from skin ageing as well as from burning or tanning of the skin
Not greasy in texture
Extract of Aloe vera
Grape fruit extract
Root extract of Morus Bombycis
Root extract of Scutellaria Bicalensis
Other relevant chemicals
Packaging – White tube
Size –  50 grams
Price – Approximate of 350 Indian rupees
Skin type compatibility – Normal to sensitive
Also compatible to dry skin
This is a very light weight formulation which spreads evenly on the skin. Does not cause friction with the sebum and oil of the skin.

Water based formulation, hence light on the skin.
Does not stick.
Is highly water proof.
Travel friendly packaging which does not leak.
This is a revolutionary sunscreen lotion which is medicated and does not harm the skin.
Agel based lotion which prevents the skin from getting damaged.
Not only applicable for the face, but also for the body.

Derma Essentia Sunscreen SPF 50 Lotion
The composition of the sunscreen is such that it is highly medicated rather than cosmetic and hence more suitable for usage by any skin type. Hence, it is more superior to other sunscreen lotions.

The Derma Essentia SPF Sunscreen Gel is a must have in summers or for areas which are highly exposed to sunlight.

Prevents the skin from getting affected from chlorine water in swimming pools.

Beach tan or sun burns can also be prevented by the usage of this gel based lotion.

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