Glowing Skin

Fruits For Skin Glowing

10 Fruits That Can Make Your Skin Glow From Within

For skincare, you need to work on two fronts. The first is to protect your skin from sun and pollution. And second, is to replenish your skin with essential nutrients. Skincare products like moisturizers and sunscreen lotion will shield your skin from harmful foreign elements. And fruits & nourishment will give your skin a lit-from-within glow.

But you don’t have to change your diet or food habits to get the necessary nutrients for your skincare as simply adding fruits to your meal could do the job. Fruits can give you the nutrients you need for healthy and glowing skin.

How does Your Food Affect Your Skin?

A diet rich in processed food, sugar, and carbohydrates isn’t good for your skin as it can lead to premature aging, acne, and dryness. You need zinc, iron, copper, and vitamins A and D for healthy skin. And eating fruits is a great way to get the essential nutrition and for skin glow.

Fruits For Glowing Skin

Lemon For Skin Glow

Lemon For Skin Glow

Lemon contains vitamin C which is a potent antioxidant that can flush out toxins from your body. It can reduce the emergence of uneven pigmentation, dark spots, acne, and dryness.

How To:

• Take lemon juice into the salad
Drink juice of a half lemon mixed with 1tsp of organic honey and 1 cup of water early in the morning


• Treat oily skin with lemon juice mixed with rose water to remove acne scars
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Glowing Skin & Silky Hair

You can make chemical-free makeup in your home. Your kitchen items can lighten scars, remove blemishes, and brighten your skin with regular treatment. Also, you can nourish your hair and scalp with homecare therapies. Ancient Indian beauty secrets can give you flawless skin. They have the best of nature that will make you beautiful from the inside.

Here’re 10 herbs Indians have been using for centuries to maintain beautiful skin and hair

  1. Neem

Neem has been considered a sacred plant as each part of it is beneficial in some or the other way.

Acne Treatment:

• Take a few neem leaves and boil them in a cup of water
• Soak a cotton ball in the boiled neem water and rub it on your face
• Use a neem-yogurt or neem-cucumber face pack to reduce the oiliness of your face

Dry Skin Treatment:

• Make a paste of 1tsp of neem powder and a few drops of grape seed oil
• Apply it to your face and leave for 15 minutes
• Wash with cold water

Hair Care:

• Massage neem oil to your hair
• For dandruff control, apply neem powder with water to your hair
• Leave it for one hour and then wash your hair with shampoo

  1. Saffron

Saffron is highly expensive but it is worth buying as it helps improve complexion.

Removes Tan:

• Soak some saffron in malai or milk overnight
• Blend it well … Read more

10 Ingredients To Look For In Anti-Aging Skincare Products

10 Ingredients To Look For In Anti-Aging Skincare Products

Make a skincare routine to maintain a youthful glow even at an advanced age. For example, you should eat healthily and lead an active life. Also, you should use skincare products that can make your skin glow.

Dermatologists suggest the following products for healthy a glowing skin

  1. B Vitamins for Overall Skin Heath
B Vitamins for Overall Skin Heath

Almost every skincare product contains a certain amount of B vitamins because the vitamin B complex that contains different vitamins treat skin issues and give quick and lasting relief from skin conditions. For example, take thiamine that heals wounds and calms stress-related skin conditions. Similarly, riboflavin can boost collagen production and balance the production of skin oils. A complete package of vitamin B complex can help stem the tide of signs of premature aging.

  1. Protect Collagen with Coenzyme Q10
Protect Collagen with Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is found in all body cells because energy production needs to fuel the basic function of skin like regeneration and repair of damaged cells and tissues. Also, it supports collagen that makes up 80% of the skin. The absence of the Q10 vitamin will result in a decrease in collagen production and that will allow aging signs to emerge. And Q10 production decreases with aging. But the good news is that most skincare products include Q10 and it works well when applied topically.

  1. Prevent Sagging and Fill Wrinkles with Copper
Prevent Sagging and Fill Wrinkles with Copper

Copper is essential for healthy and radiant skin as it binds proteins together and prevents the sagging of skin by supporting collagen production and filling in … Read more

Best Yoga Asanas For Healthy Skins

Top 4 Yoga Poses To Get Naturally Glowing And Healthy Skin

Do you want a know about best yoga poses for natural glowing skin? Of course, and that’s why you are here to know, how this will happen. So, are you ready to try something very effective and harmless which refreshes your skin and you get naturally glowing skin?

Yoga is a beneficial exercise not only for your body and physique, but it is also good for your skin and makes it naturally glowing without using any commercial serums or Cream. You just need to manage only one hour for yoga to see the extraordinary results with no Investment.

So, you must try these yoga poses at home and make your skin healthy and fresh.

Best Yoga Asanas for your healthy skins

1. Sarvangasana- It is the most effective and best yoga Asana for healthy skin. It is also called the shoulder stand pose. It circulates the blood towards your face and improves the texture and quality of your skin. Practices this yoga Asana 3 to 5 times a day help to get rid of acne, pimples dullness and wrinkles.

Sarvangasana For Glowing Skin

2. Halasan- To achieve the glowing and best skin the Halasan is the best Asana. It is the plow pose Asana. This Asana is most effective for your digestive system with improving the process and it helps to attain the healthy and glowing skin.

3. Utthanasana- It is the most functioning Asana for glowing skin. The forward bending pose can help for the flowing of … Read more

Eradicate Skin Complications with 2 Best Ingredients Face Mask Recipe

The skin is delicate and you have to care it a lot, otherwise, you left with regret. Lack of sleep, overworking, overeating, harmful pollutants, and health problems are quite common reasons for having dull and tried skin.

Skin needs care not excuses. As like your body, your skin needs rest and healthy protective measures so your face looks always refresh and glowing.

You just stop to rely on facial treatments and spas. You have powerful ingredients in the kitchen. All you have to do is, use them correctly and get glowing skin forever and yes much better than salon treatments. You know why? Natural ingredients all loaded with only natural antioxidants agents that work superbly to vanish aging and environmental issues.

If you’re ready to give your skin gentle care and want to beat the heat of this summer with your natural glow then read out this article.

Before going ahead, I will tell you one thing you have to perform below remedies according to your skin needs and twice a week for the best results.

For Dry Skin

If your skin seems dull and dry this means your skin needs hydration. Then, your first step is to drink plenty of water in a day for internal hydration. Along with this, use Avocado and olive oil mask. This totally works like magic for your skin.

How to prepare?

  • Take one small ripe of avocado and half cup of olive oil.
  • Mash avocado until creamy.
  • Mix both ingredients well in a
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