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Foundation: Types And Application Process

A foundation can go a long way in achieving flawless skin and the good thing is that you can choose the right formula for your skin. Also, you can try wearing the foundation using the right tools. For example, if you are using a liquid formula, you should use a beauty sponge instead of a brush.

A little foundation before makeup can help in hiding the dark spots and highlighting the important features. But the results achieved depend on factors like your skin type, the foundation used, and application.

Here’re three popular foundation types and steps to apply those foundations. … Find more

Effective Tips To Deal With Makeup Problem In Summer

10 Effective Tips To Deal With Makeup Problem In Summer

Summer isn’t the right time to wear makeup or it would be more appropriate to say that you need to change the way you wear makeup keeping the summer heat in mind.

As soon as you step outside, the hot sun will start baking your makeup. Skin produces excess sweat to cool off but the excess moisture could drain the layers of your makeup. Also, the melted makeup can enter your skin pores and create more problems.

Here’re 10 reliable ways of doing makeup in the summertime

  1. Face Wash With Oil Control Properties
Face Wash With Oil Control Properties

Buy a face wash that can soak … Find more

Make Your Face Glow Overnight

5 DIY Ways To Make Your Face Glow Overnight

To make your skin glow, you need to lead an active and healthy life that includes eating healthy food, following a correct sleeping pattern, exercising, and maintaining a CTM routine. But it will take some time in giving results.

Another way to make your skin glow is to get a DIY skin treatment that can give instant results. Here’re 5 skin treatment options that you can get at home.

  1. Rice And Sesame Body Scrub

It is a DIY scrub that you can make at home and use. Since all the ingredients of this scrub are available in your kitchen, you … Find more

Top 5 Cream Foundations For A Younger And Flawless Skin

Top 5 Cream Foundations For A Younger And Flawless Skin

Use a cream foundation to hide dark spots and blemishes. It is far better than its liquid counterparts. Cream foundation is especially suitable for dry skin types.

Here’re the top 5 cream foundations available in the market

  1. Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation

Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation is a rich cream foundation as it provides everything from color choice to nutrition you need for radiant and glowing skin. Also, its ultra-smooth texture makes it just suitable for contouring too.

Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation


This cream foundation packs an oil-free formula and a concealer in one. And … Find more

Spot Breakouts From Breaking

Tips For Stopping Spot Breakouts From Breaking Your Holiday

If you are preparing for a holiday to a place where you can enjoy sun and sand then you should get ready with an oil-free makeup kit because spending even an hour under the sun could make you feel oily and greasy on your face. Similarly, you need to be careful from air-con that can dehydrate your skin.

Here’re important skincare tips for sunny vacations

1. Choose an oil-free sunscreen

oil-free sunscreen

It is difficult to go out in the sun without wearing sunscreen but at the same time, you need to be careful about contents of lotions especially when you’re prone … Find more

Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer Review

Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer Review

An award-winning product for a Sunkissed Glow

These days launches of beauty products are on hype. We all have searched for the best iconic beauty product that cherishes our skin glow and boosts self-esteem. As of now, Benefit cosmetics launched Hoola Matte Bronzer that perfectly goes for cheeks, forehead and natural looking skin.

It is pure matte, soft and cheek blush that amazes you for sure while applying it. It is suitable for all skin complexions and types. It can be used as an over-finish powder to get an instant glow and shine on your face. This naturally blends and offer seamless appearance.

Well, I … Find more

Get The Perfect Skin Forever- Charlotte Tilbury Genius Magic Powder Review

Charlotte Tilbury Genius Magic Powder Review

Get The Perfect Skin Forever- Charlotte Tilbury Genius Magic Powder

Are you stressed out with your skin imperfections? Do you want to have smooth and radiant skin appearance? Well, for sure! If you ask this question to any single woman you know what the answer would be? And it is of course, yes! Because a woman is recognized for her perfect look whether she is in the age of 40. Therefore, to uphold the status and beautiful appearance is not an easy task.

Sometimes your responsibilities and medical condition can lead your health in poor state and this result you will get a dull and … Find more

Loose Setting Powder Glow , Laura Mercier!

Get Flawless Skin within Seconds – Use Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Glow

Do you want an immaculate finish after makeup? There is no doubt to say that you need it and why not? Well, for the women’s who are doing the job, therefore, they have not enough time to put heavy makeup to hide blemishes in a short time, but you will be excited to know that loose setting powder glow is best for you to get Matte finish look within seconds.

It is a powder that is suitable for all the skin tones. It can improve the look Find more

mac skin finish natural powder

Thumbs Up: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Dark Powder Review

You know whose joining the group of young ladies who are continually trying to look great? Folks! Yes… Men. Obviously, they may not be spending money on beauty care products yet rather on corrective surgeries!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is an incredible 40% expansion in folks requesting corrective surgeries contrasted with a year prior to, so everybody is by all accounts looking for that immaculate skin. In this way, here we are with MAC Mineralize Skin finish Natural- Dark review that can make your skin marvelously great without hurting it through all of those surgeries.

Product Description: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Dark Powder

An extravagant domed face … Find more