6 simple steps to shave your legs at home

Shaving is one of the critical tasks to do right now for ladies. It can lead your skin to multiple skin issues such as rashes, redness, pimples, and ingrown hair.

To keep yourself maintain you will need to perform some basic shaving steps to achieve smooth and bright skin.

Here are the six steps you need to follow carefully.

  1. Choose the best quality razor

Picking up the right razor for your skin can solve your many problems. However, you have many options to choose from. If you need clean and ultra-soft skin then use a dry and rust-free razor. Make sure to change the blade before using it and keep it in a dry place..

  1. Remove dead skin

To enjoy great skin, it is a must to remove dead skin before doing the shaving. Scrub your legs as this removes dead skin cells and even open pores. You can scrub your legs one day or the same day of shaving.

  1. Apply shaving cream

Wet your legs then pat it dry, then apply shaving cream evenly on the legs. In case you have no shaving cream, use a hair conditioner. This helps to smooth your skin and clean your hair without irritation.

  1. Shave according to the direction

It is important to shave hair according to the direction of your hair. For example, if the hair growth is downward you need to shave it upward for proper cleaning. However, it does not applies to bikini line and underarms. Remember do not put pressure on the razor while removing hair.

  1. Dip Razor in warm water

While shaving you can see the razor is filled with dirt. To remove it dip the razor into warm water. If it is not clear yet use a tissue to remove dirt.

  1. Apply Moisturizer

After doing shaving your next step is to clean your legs and pat it dry. Then after applying moisturizer on the legs. This will keep your skin smooth and free from irritation as well as red bumps.

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