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Gorgeous Sarees collection of 2019

The Gorgeous Sarees collection of 2019 that we all fell in love with this

From Award function, photo shoots to the wedding, this year was on the first number to show glamour and fashion. Saree was the latest fashion trend that influences almost every Bollywood Celebrities wardrobe.

Gorgeous Sarees collection of 2019

From Katrina Kaif to Alia Bhatt every Bollywood actress spotted mostly this year wearing saree in events, Award function or weddings. As we all know this year is now ending and we take a look behind and saw the Celebrities glamour overflow this year by wearing beautiful and stylish Sarees designed by the famous designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee designer sarees

Sabyasachi Mukherjee designer sarees

He is the most talented and well-known designer for Indian Wear and he wins social media after design the bridal wear for a popular star like Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, and Deepika Padukone. This year Sabya doesn’t want to design traditional way saree, he wants something Excellent and took the new, different and stylish loom for Sarees.

We saw the beautiful Sarees in 2019 which look simple and elegant and the important and different thing on the Sarees was print. Anushka Sharma, Katrina and Deepika flaunting the printed Sarees and look fantastic.


Another excellent feature is drape which looks amazing and the designer used various traditional and modern demarcate this year. Instead of drapes and prints, the one more Accessory becomes in high demand of all is a belt, which makes the saree more authentic.

This … Read the rest

Big fashion moments

Top Big fashion moments that ever happened in the last ten years

As we know, from Lady Gaga’s meat dress to Aishwarya Rai Bacchant’s purple lips to Sonam Kapoor’s extraordinary superb styling would make the biggest fashion moments that ever happened in decades. The evolution of style in 10 years gone by at a very high level we are thankful for that. The Bollywood industry is now going on a high level and the Bollywood celebrities go on the international red carpet without any hesitation or awkwardness while they flaunt their baby bump on red carpets or ramps they never feel embraced. So, in that way, we say that this industry grows and changed in a good manner.

Here, some trending moment of the last 10 years we are going to share with you:

Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra looks

In the showbiz world, the red carpet of the Cannes film festival is the most sizzling and glamorous carpet of the international level. The Quantico Actress wore an amazing dress in 2016 which is white Murad gown in the Oscar and how we forget the Met Gala Dress she wore Ralph Lauren trench gown this year and by this, she was in hot news of every social media where some compared her look with Aladdin’s dress, a tent, and malai in cup of tea, etc.

Flaunt Baby Bumps on Ramps and carpets-

Kareena kapoor Baby Bumps on Ramps and carpets

This type of fashion moments empowering this Bollywood Industry. In the last years, the mother-to-be walks on-ramps and set a Beautiful … Read the rest

look sizzling during this party season

Some tips to look sizzling during this party season

For all of us, the party season is all about to look gorgeous. And to get that stunning look, we are ready to try something new on look always. So, here we share some best and essential tips that make you glow and sassy during occasion or party.

Before one night of event toned your skin:

As you want to glow and shine the next day, then you first have to cleanse your face, after that, you must take some ice cubes and place in cotton cloth or napkin and rub on your face for minutes. This procedure helps to close the pores.

Using cotton wool pads and clean your skin with rose water. Then wipe out your whole skin and scrub your face with a facial scrub that suits your skin. On your face, use upward and outward movement and use circular movements from the chin.

look sizzling during this party season

Homemade tips:

• Take some yogurt, honey and one tbsp. of Red wine and make a paste. After that apply it for 20 minutes on your face then wipe out with simple water. This tip helps to moisturise and softens your skin.

• Make a paste of ripe papaya, cucumber mix with two tsp. oats and curd. You can also add tsp. of lemon juice. Apply totally on your neck and face for half an hour and then rinse it off.

• For oily skin you have to make a paste by mixing egg white, one teaspoon curd and half teaspoon honey. Also, … Read the rest

Madhuri Dixit Nene's Nude Floral Sari

Madhuri Dixit Nene’s Nude Floral Sari needs to be on your occasion Stuff!

The Most Gorgeous and Evergreen Bollywood celebrity Madhuri Dixit Nene Love to wear Indian Wear. In every occasion, stage appearance or any event this Actress always seems to wear the Indian Staple like lehengas, sarees to suit everything.

And if you are a big fan of her and follow her on social media then you already know that she is mad about wearing saris of beautiful latest style. She has an amazing and stunning Saris collection. As ever she recently spotted at an event wearing Gorgeous Sheer Floral Sari and look sparkling.

Madhuri Dixit Nene's Nude Floral Sari

She wears a sari designed by Avvantikaa S Parwani, the same color of flowers is embroidered on the sari and also has the furbelow detailing on the pallu. The color of the sari is nude and looks like a yellow tone to it. She combines her sari with the Strappy Embellished Blouse.

About Her Matching Jewellery, She wore with her Sari

With her Beautiful and elegant sari, Madhuri Dixit chose to wear Indian traditional Earings of drop shape, a loop necklace with two kids on Wrist and a cocktail ring sheathed with diamonds designed by Anmol Jewellers. This stunning Actress Match up her Jewellery with her Stunning and romantic look sari perfectly, carries her look together with ease. Her makeup is also superb and gives a compliment to her dress and accessories. She decorates keyed up her eyes with eyeliner and Rosy red eyeshadow. Her Red Glossy lips make her extra Sexy. Soft curls In Madhuri Dixit Hairstyle … Read the rest

Deepika Padukone Flaunts Here New Look

Deepika Padukone Flaunts Here New Look In Short Haircut And Black Gown

The new selfie of Deepika Padukone is hard to miss. After years of having long hair and flaunting luscious long looks, the actress put on a short haircut for the selfie that took the entire community by surprise.

Also, the 33-year old actress was quick to upload her new look on Instagram to share her pic and captioned it “Tadaaaa” to attraction attention of her fans and the online community.

Deepika’s latest look

Deepika Padukone Flaunts Here New Look

It has garnered lots of likes and comments from millions of fans spread across the globe. She went with shoulder-length haircut with golden and brown highlights for the selfie. But what is more exciting is that she also flaunted the new haircut at the red carpet. She’s spotted at an event and the actress look as gorgeous as ever in her black gown and golden haircut.

Deepika’s gown

Deepika’s gown

It is a off-shoulder gown with a bodycon fit. Also, it has cape detailing on the one side. Deepika revealed her new hairdo with this gorgeous gown styled by Shaleena Nathani. With this gown, she decided to wear textured waves to flaunt her new hairstyle. An Australian-based fashion designer, Alex Perry, developed Deepika’s DP in the black gown.

Response to Deepika’s new look

Within a short time of posting her new look, the social media community became crazy about her new sexy look. She looks much younger than she is in her new look and that is what the social media community is talking about.… Read the rest

Celebrity hairstyles for saris

Celebrity Hairstyles for Saris

Choosing the right kind of hairstyle could make a difference to your look in saris. But most women are stuck in a style rut without knowing that they have good options to change their hairstyles. Or you can learn from celebrities.

Celebrity hairstyles for saris

Let’s check the hairstyles film stars sport with saris

1. Jacqueline Fernandez

The actress was recently seen in a traditional sari with a retro hairstyle. She sported finger waves on the face with half-tied hairstyle with curls. Women with long tresses can wear this hairstyle.

2. Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu hairstyle

The evergreen Bipasha was recently in limelight for her look in a gorgeous silk sari finished with a sleek bun. Also, she adorned the bun with white flowers that look fresh. Her look was spotted in a party.

3. Karisma

Karisma flaunted her elegant look in a red sari coupled with a sleek bun. But the photograph shows it was actually her side braid detailing that was highlighting the textured low bun.

4. Mouni Roy

Her style of sporting straight locks effortlessly won her many fans. She went for straight locks tucked behind the ears for a fuss-free look for a party.

5. Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit hairstyle

She looks pretty in a gorgeous printed sari in powder pink colour. But what completes her soft waves that she pulled down with a deep side parting. Her fans appreciated her hair down look.

Follow these five trends to improve your look in saris. Choose a hairdo according to volume and length of hair. Or you … Read the rest

Lifting Bun is trending- Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma

Lifting Bun is trending- Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma Every Celeb Going mad!

The tight high bun Trend becomes the upgrade fashion in Social Network Sites. Most of the Bollywood Celebs like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, and many more divas tried this bun hairstyle in years ago. And now all the Hollywood celebrities Katy Perry, Britney, Rowan Blanchard, Jennifer Lopez, and Vanessa Hudgens have worn this hairdo and look Stunning.

It is an amazing hairstyle for summers that protects from the sweat and gives everyone an immediate facelift.

Lifting Bun is trending- Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma

The science behind it, this pull up your skin back and make your face skin tighter and lifted. You just have to pull all your hairs up and tie into the high bun. This looks stunning because it polishes out all the wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, it is helpful for the Botox treatment.

Jennifer Lopez also the big fan of high Bun

Jennifer Lopez also the big fan of high Bun

With this youthful look, Jennifer Lopez, the Hollywood Singer, and Actor amaze her fans. She is the crazy fan of this bun lift and spotted many times carrying this hairdo on different occasions. The New mom Alesha Dixon also carries this hairstyle with some addition of braids and it makes her skin tighter. This is a very classic hairstyle for hot summer days because it helps to care for your strands.

You can do different styles of the bun like classic bun tight like Vanessa Hudgens to the messy bun like Zendaya. It is best to look for a day or night out also.

What you will need to get this look?Read the rest

Jennifer Lawrence tied the knot with Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Lawrence tied the knot with Cooke Maroney at Rhode Island Mansion

The most-famous actress “Jennifer Lawrence” got married to Cooke Maroney. The marriage is officially confirmed via Jennifer Lawrence with CNN on Sunday.

Jennifer Lawrence tied the knot with Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Wedding place and Bride dress

The wedding was held in Rhode Island, in Newport Rhode. This was built in 1890, includes 2,000 square foot vaulted massive with profligate features.

The 158 guests were invited including Emma Stone, Adele, and Kris Jenner. The Bride wore a “Dior gown”.… Read the rest

Salena Gomez Amaze the fans

Salena Gomez Amaze the fans with entitle Anthem’ Look at Her Now’

After releasing her endangered new Song “Lose You to love you” Selena, 27 years old singer amazed her fans by dribble another album and go along with music video at late night names “Look At Her Now”.

While looking at this song’s title, it already tells someone’s break-up story. I think it’s her own story. She looked stunning in this Music video. It directly Assure us that, she directly sermonize her Ex-Boyfriend Justin Bieber. Recently she posts on Instagram to announce a new song i.e “special gift” for her fans.

Salena Gomez Amaze the fans

Salena shares her anger with Justin Bieber in her song and tag to all fans!

She wrote, so here my special gift to all my fans. With her Apple iPhone, I have created this particularly for you all. You lived with me in all situations. I thank you all to bring best in me. After releasing this music video “Lose you to Love me” her fans falling is increased and everyone adores for her courage and daring.

She bravely tell us on a relationship with the singing sensation Bieber. Related to him she also sings a song like” set fire to my purpose and I let it burn” is an emotional one which released in 2015 in album Purpose.

The Bieber moved on quickly and proposed a model Hailey Balwin and then got married to her. This thing is out the courage and bravery in Selena Gomez and her ability to sing this type of Empowering Anthems ‘Look at Her … Read the rest

Jeff Bezos Knockout Bill Gates from the title of “Richest Man on Earth”

In modern history, Jeff Bezos is the new richest man on the earth. His net worth is approximately $156 Billion which makes Bezos the fortunate man with immense wealth. He Switches the place with Bill Gates and become the richest person.

Amazon is the main Origen of Jeff’s massive wealth. He established the Business in 1994, and now in 2019, he is the biggest stockholder and CEO withholding a 16% stake in the firm. Whenever the price of Amazon stock increases, it also affects the leader’s wealth in a Good Way. While Amazon recently increased his stock price with 97,000%

Background of Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is not only the richest man on earth that he is also the largest landowner in his country. He has a Biggest home with a 5.3-acre area in Medina, Washington which worth is $25 million. He also owns a townhouse in Washington worth $23 million with neighbour Obama and Ivanka Trump.

Except for all his investments and home, he also has a Gulfstream jet of $65 million.

Jeff Bezos as a person

Instead of a millionaire, he is very kind-hearted and the great man. He often loves to donate some money to the needful organizations like Mary’s place, which is an organization for unsettled homeless people. He also personally invests in Uber, Google, Airbnb and more to gain more profit. As also his almost family fund goes to several education projects and many other. He also made an individual donation to a Seattle museum Read the rest