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High-Waisted Jeans

20 Reasons For Buying High-Waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans can never go out of trend because there are plenty of ways to don these outfits. Available in different styles including bell bottoms and mom jeans, they go well with tops, t-shirts, sweaters, and footwear. Continue reading to know different styles of wearing high-waisted jeans.

20 Outfit Ideas For High-Waisted jeans

  1. Ripped High Waisted Jeans With A Bodysuit And Kimono
Ripped High Waisted Jeans With A Bodysuit And Kimono

It is an outfit that can slay any occasion if you know how to put it together. Just throw in a sequin bodysuit and a kimono to become a style icon.

  1. With A Crop-Top Style Sweatshirt
With A Crop-Top Style Sweatshirt

A crop top goes well with both low as well has high-waisted jeans. Try one with skinny jeans. Buy a gray-colored crop top as gray is in fashion. It gives monochrome look.

  1. With A Hoodie Sweater And Suede Boots
With A Hoodie Sweater And Suede Boots

Try a hoodie with a pair of simple black color jeans in winter. Also, throw a sweater and finish the dress with suede boots. It becomes a nice office dress if you don’t have a dress code.

  1. Printed High Waisted Jeans With A Chunky Fur Sweater
Printed High Waisted Jeans With A Chunky Fur Sweater

Printed denim makes a contrast dress with a bold-colored tank and a candy pink colored chunky fur sweater. It is a pair of high-waisted jeans and the model has kept the front open to improve the visibility of the prints.

  1. With A Leather Jacket And Scarf
With A Leather Jacket And Scarf

Tank tops remain in fashion in every season including winters when you can try one with a pair of high-waisted jeans. Throw a leather jacket and a scarf and finish the look with knee-high or ankle-length boots. Choose a pair of skinny jeans and forget about your body type.

  1. With A Plain White T-Shirt, Tucked In
With A Plain White T-Shirt, Tucked In

Have you ever tried a regular plain white or black V-neck top with a pair of skinny high-waisted jeans? If not then this model will certainly inspire you to try it for once.

  1. With A Caption T-Shirt And Bold Color Long Sweater
With A Caption T-Shirt And Bold Color Long Sweater

This model could become your Monday inspiration. She has a colored top matching well with a pair of high-waisted jeans. Also, she has thrown a bold-colored sweater that further enhances the color combination.

  1. With A Turtle Neck Sweater Or Top
With A Turtle Neck Sweater Or Top

See how to pair a turtle neck top with a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans. If you want, you can even add a puffy sleeveless jacket to it. Also, you can choose a pair of skinny or boyfriend jeans.

  1. With A Black Ruffle Top
With A Black Ruffle Top

This model is showing a different party look created with ripped high-waisted jeans and a fancy ruffle top. Keep your hair flowing and grab a clutch to get ready for the party.

  1. With A Backless Top
With A Backless Top

A pair of high-waisted jeans blend with backless tops because these jeans elevate the body more than the other jeans do. If you want to try a backless top, you should choose high-waisted jeans.

  1. With A Bralette And Plaid Shirt
With A Bralette And Plaid Shirt

Do you need a tomboyish look? Pair your … Read more

Sparkle Tarnished Silver Jewelry

6 Home Items To Sparkle Tarnished Silver Jewelry

How do you take care of your silver jewelry? Do you know that you can clean tarnish silver pieces at home? There are many ways of cleaning tarnish silver jewelry. You can make your silver jewelry shine again by cleaning them with your kitchen items.

Silver jewelry is an investment. You can use silver jewelry for fashion and keep the jewelry pieces as an investment. But you need to keep the jewelry clean and new forever. It is possible and you can clean your jewelry at home.

Here’re six ways of cleaning tarnish silver jewelry at home

Cleaning Silver Jewelry With Toothpaste

Cleaning Silver Jewelry With Toothpaste

Toothpaste that gives your teeth silver shine can also clean your silver jewelry. Also, it won’t affect the metallic surface or the luster. Toothpaste can be used directly or diluted with water. Use gel toothpaste only in diluted form as it contains too many harsh chemicals.

How To:

• Take toothpaste on a toothbrush and rub it over the silver jewelry with gentle hands
• Or you can dilute a small amount of toothpaste in a saucer and clean your silver jewelry with a piece of soft cloth or toothbrush
• Rub toothpaste on silver jewelry in a circular motion so it reaches all nooks and corners
• Rinse off the pieces with warm water and dry with a soft cloth

Clean Silver Jewelry With Salt

Clean Silver Jewelry With Salt

Salt can also remove dirt and moisture from silver jewelry. The sparkle you will get from slat is hard to get from any other cleaning agent. Also, it is more convenient to clean silver jewelry with salt.

How To:

• Take a big bowl and fill it halfway up with table salt
• Add warm water until it reaches a quarter of the way up the bowl
• Mix the salt with water until it makes a thick and sticky solution
• Put the silver pieces in the mixture for around 30 minutes
• Take the jewelry out and clean it with a soft cotton towel
• Rinse it off with warm water to remove any excess salt from the jewelry

Clean Silver Jewelry With Potatoes

Clean Silver Jewelry With Potatoes

Potato is also a good cleaning agent for your silver jewelry. It contains excellent bleaching properties that give perfect cleaning in a hassle-free manner and shortest time possible.

How To:

• Take a big size potato and peel it with a grater or vegetable peeler
• Slice it into four equal sizes in a spherical shape
• Place your silver jewelry between the potato pieces and put the potato in a sealed container
• Leave the container for 48 hours
• Take out potato pieces from the container and remove the jewelry pieces
• Rinse them with warm water to remove potato juice

Clean Silver Jewelry With Baking Soda

Clean Silver Jewelry With Baking Soda

Baking soda can also be used for cleaning silver jewelry because it contains hydrogen peroxide that can give a new life to your silver pieces by … Read more

Best Skincare Products To Fight Pregnancy Breakouts

7 Best Skincare Products To Fight Pregnancy Breakouts

Pregnancy is good news, but it has its side effects. While you will feel happy from inside your skin will battle hormonal changes that could result in breakouts and acne. There are skin care products for pregnancy breakouts and acne, you need to look for treatment to erase stretch marks and scars. Are you ready to fight a long battle with pregnancy-related issues?

The good news is here’re 7 skin care products for pregnancy breakouts and acne.

And that you can easily use those oils, creams, and lotions to keep your skin free from marks and scars.

Bio-Oil Acne Skin Care Oil Products (Amazon)

Bio-Oil Skin Care Oil For Acne

A quick look at its ingredients is enough to understand why this product is highly recommended by dermatologists. It contains vitamin A that boosts collagen production and promotes skin renewal. Also, it carries the power of vitamin E, chamomile oil, sunflower, and lavender oil that give the oil anti-inflammatory properties.

Also, it is convenient to use. You only need to moist your finger pores with this oil and run the oil on your skin for 30 seconds. Apply it three times a day for better results.


• Repairs skin damage from C-section, injury, scars, acne, and aging
• Locks in essential elements without clogging skin pores
• Works naturally to improve uneven skin tones
• Suitable for all skin types


• Not cruelty-free

Avarelle Acne Cover Patch (Walmart)

Avarelle Acne Cover Patch

Averelle Acne Cover Patch can clear your skin of breakouts and pimples that pregnant and breastfeeding women often face. It contains tea tree oil, calendula oil, and cica oil for the face that can shrink zits overnight and reduce whiteheads by sucking out their gunk. It can help women fight pregnancy breakouts and pimples faster than any other product. Suitable for all skin types, this oil is 100% cruelty-free. The easy-peel, apply, and remove design makes it more convenient to apply the oil to the affected areas.


• Removes acne and breakouts faster
• Suitable for all skin types
• 100% cruelty-free
• Easy to carry design


• It isn’t long-lasting

TreeActiv Cystic Acne Spot Treatment (Amazon + Walmart)

TreeActiv Cystic Acne Spot Treatment

It is the best skincare product for pregnancy breakouts-related pimples. Its sulfur and bentonite spot formula gives quick results without clogging skin pores. It works on acne, lessens their locks, and allows the skin to heal the acne marks. Another advantage of this cream is it doesn’t cause redness or any type of irritation associated with other acne treatments. You need to apply a tiny amount of cream on acne and rinse after 15 minutes.


• Instant acne remedy with plant-based ingredients
• Good for controlling active breakouts
• Deep cleansing with reduced inflammation
• Easy to use formula


• Unsuitable for sensitive skin

Bio-Pure Honey Skin Care Oil (Amazon + Walmart)

Bio-Pure Honey Skin Oil For Acne

If stretch marks and acne scars are your biggest concern, you should use this Honey skin Read more


Remove White Facial Hair In 9 Ways

Are you worried about the growth of white hair strands over your upper lip or chin and don’t know how to get rid of those unwanted hair strands? If yes then keep reading as this blog is about facial hair removal.

There is little need to go into the reasons for the growth of white hair on your face, but you should know how to remove them safely. Also, the hair removal process should be painless and long-lasting.

Here are 9 ways of facial hair removal


Epilation Facial Hair Removal

An epilator is an electric hair remover that removes white hair from its root. While it pulls out hair, it isn’t painful. On the contrary, it is more convenient than waxing. Also, it is more effective than shaving white facial hair.

How To:

• Soften your facial hair with lukewarm water
• Apply moisturizer to the area where you want to use the epilator
Glide the epilator in the opposite direction of the hair growth
• Rinse off your face and pat dry

Note: Epilation works on the hair of the size of ¼ of an inch.


Tweezing White Facial Hair

Tweezing white hair is a manual process of unwanted & white facial hair removal. It is slightly painful, but you can go slow to reduce the pain. Its advantage is that it provides relief from white hair for at least 4-8 weeks.

How To:

• Get a pair of tweezers made of stainless steel
• Sanitize the device with isopropyl alcohol
• Or sterilize the pair of tweezers in hot water
• Start plucking your white hair one by one

Note: It is a slow process hence suitable only for removing a few strands.


Waxing Of Facial Hair

The waxing process works similarly everywhere. Just like you wax your armpit, you need to wax your white facial hair and remove them. While it is a painful process, waxing regularly could reduce the growth of white hair over time.

How To:

• Clean your face especially the area that needs waxing
• Apply hot wax over the area
• Use a waxing strip for the process
• Rip off the strip to pull out the hair strands from their roots

Note: Ripping off hair strands could leave your skin red for some time.

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory Creams

These are hair removal creams that remove white facial hair by dissolving the hair in their mixture. They contain potent chemicals that make hair removal a convenient and painless process.

How To:

• Soften your hair strands with warm water
• Apply a depilatory cream on white hair strands
• Leave the cream for the time suggested on the product packing
• Remove the cream with a warm washcloth
• Hair strands would come out with the cream

Note: Do a patch test before using a depilatory cream as it could trigger allergic reactions on sensitive skin.

Facial Spring

Facial Spring For Hair Removal

It is also a metal device but different from tweezersRead more

Sweater Dress And Boots

15 Dresses To Try For Brunch Dates In 2022

So, you are looking for a brunch dates dress ideas, but don’t know which one to try. It isn’t that your wardrobe lacks variety but that you need creative ideas. A brunch dress is for late breakfast with your gang. It is the time when you want to feel relaxed without worrying about breakfast or lunch.

Here’re 15 brunch dates dress ideas

Denim Playsuit

Denim Playsuit

It is brunch time and your gang is waiting at a corner table of the restaurant that you frequently visit. And you want to give a twist to your usual jeans. Consider a denim playsuit paired with white shoes, a crossbody bag, and angular shades. Go with minimalist makeup and allow your hair to flow freely.

Ripped Jeans And White Blouse

Ripped Jeans And White Blouse Brunch Dress Ideas

The best part of this dress is the ripped jeans that give a carefree look. The silky white blouse will balance the carefree look and add some sophistication to the dress. For elegance, you can hold a sexy clutch like the model in the picture. Tie your beachy waves and wear subtle smokey makeup. Yellow pumps would blend well with this dress.

Trench Coat And Beret Brunch Dress Ideas

Trench Coat And Beret Brunch Dress Ideas

The model here is holding a latte and reading an interesting message on her phone. Dressed in a trench coat paired with a beret, the model looks younger and fresh. And the dark color she’s wearing blends well with her skin tone. But you can explore more color options and complete your look with tan boots and round sunglasses.

Polka Jumpsuit

Polka Jumpsuit

If going for a retro theme brunch then choose a polka jumpsuit with a wide-legged bottom for the brunch. See how the model is balancing the bottom with a belt. You should buy a belt from the market if you don’t get one with the jumpsuit. Wear ankle strap heels with the jumpsuit and you are ready to go.

Belted Mini Skirt And Blazer

Belted Mini Skirt And Blazer

It is a minimalist dress but complete. Also, it is effortless. Follow the model and get ready for a fall brunch date. Pair your minimalist dress with knee-length boots and cover your shoulders with a semi-casual blazer. Since most form-fitted skirts are teamed with bodysuits, you can also choose one to feel comfortable without looking sloppy.

Little Black Brunch Dress Ideas

Little Black Brunch Dress Ideas

The beauty of a little black dress is that it can be customized to suit every occasion. For a brunch dates dresses, you can keep it minimal and monochromatic by accessorizing it with black accessories including boots. Or you can wear silver jewelry, a stole, and chunky boots to get a bohemian look. LBD is a party dress just perfect for every occasion.

Colored Trousers And Leather Jacket

Colored Trousers And Leather Jacket

It is a versatile dress as includes all colors including black. And it is easier to whip up the dress in a couple of minutes. Simply, put on the trouser and tee and cover … Read more

Popular Salsa Shoes For Beginners

8 Popular Salsa Shoes For Beginners

For Salsa dance practice, you need a good pair of shoes. Your shoes should provide you with comfort, style, and protection. Also, the shoes should be designer and shiny so they match your dress.

In Salsa dance, you make most moves with your legs and for this reason, you must be careful with your dancing shoes. The good thing is that you have a good selection of Salsa shoes to explore and choose from.

Here’re 8 top Salsa dance shoes to choose from.

Go through the specifications of each shoe and choose the best for your dance practice and performance.

ICKER Get Mine Women’s Silver Salsa Shoe

ICKER GetMine Women’s Silver Salsa Dance Shoe

These are 2-inch-high heel shoes made of faux leather material and decorated with high-quality sequin. Suitable for dance practice and performance, they come with a non-slip wool bottom sole that provides added comfort and supports the dance moves. Also, the insoles are reinforced for superior resistance to compression and twists.


• 2-inch-heel made of imitation sheepskin material
• 3D ceramic glitter for decoration
• Titanium alloy buckle with bright gloss
• Thicker shoe pad for added comfort

Joocare Women Black Leather Dance Shoe

Joocare Women Black Leather Salsa Dance Shoes

It is a classic design made of supple leather and suede soles. Its highlight is the 2.5-inch-high-heel with non-slip qualities. Also, it is lined with moisture-absorbing brushed material to keep the feet dry. And the insole is cushioned for added comfort and a luxurious feel. It has a t-strap style buckle that is made adjustable and it looks stylish. Dance students and theater performers will find this black shoe just perfect for their needs.


• Evergreen classic shoe design
• Easy-to-wear with t-strap buckle
• Keeps feet dry for long performance
• Attractive black color

CLEECLI Women’s Ballroom Salsa Dance Shoes

CLEECLI Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes

This high heel shoe features thickened straps that define the height of the footwear. If you are looking for a high heel then consider this shoe that comes in 2.5-inch to 3-inch heel options. But the high heel is only one of the many advantages of this footwear. Here style meets sophistication. The satin upper feels ultra-luxurious and the suede sole provides added comfort and support. And the buckle comes with ample holes to achieve a firm grip.


• Satin and mesh upper make it elegant
• High elastic latex midsole feels luxurious
• Moisture absorption suede insole gives a dry feeling
• The soft breathable lining makes it suitable for long term use

TDA Women’s Dance Shoes

TDA Women’s Dance Shoes

Another high heel shoe with the advantage of customizing your heel height is the right choice for a Salsa lover. Whether you are a dance student or a pro preparing for a dance performance before the world audience, you can rely on this high heel shoe. Synthetic material is used in its manufacturing and you get the option of choosing either suede leather sole or rubber sole. The close-toe design provides a … Read more

remove henna stains

10 DIY Ways Of Removing Mehndi From Your Skin

Mehndi art looks beautiful but it has a drawback that it is mehndi color is difficult to remove from the skin. Also, you shouldn’t try unsafe procedures to remove mehndi from skin like using chemicals to remove henna stains.

Mehndi color would fade with time but you can speed up the fading process by using an antibacterial soap or a bleaching agent.

Here’re 10 proven & safe methods to remove mehndi from skin

Antibacterial Soap

Washing your hands with an antibacterial soap is a slow but trustworthy method of removing mehndi from your hands. But you can speed up the cleansing process by washing your hands every hour.

Antibacterial Soap


Antibacterial soaps have good exfoliating properties that can fade the color faster than regular soap. Washing hands 10-12 times a day for a few days will be sufficient to remove the mehndi color completely.


Keep your skin well moisturized as mehndi dries the skin and frequent washing could further aggravate the problem.

Salt Water

Salt is a powerful cleanser as it can diffuse the mehndi color and remove it gradually. Soak your hands in sand water once a day until your skin becomes completely free from the mehndi color.

Salt Water


Make a solution of sea salt with water and soak your hands for 20 minutes in the solution. Then pat dry the skin.


Avoid soaking your hands in saltwater for long periods as it could lead to dryness and shriveling of the skin. You will need an emollient after the soak.

Face Exfoliator

Scrubbing your hands with a face exfoliator could do a quick job as the beads present in the exfoliator could remove the stain molecules and the mehndi color in a short time.

Face Exfoliator For Mehndi Removal


Gently massage your hands with your exfoliator every day until all traces of mehndi are removed from your hands.


Do an allergy test before scrubbing your hands with a face exfoliator and be gentle to you could bruise your skin with vigorous scrubbing.

Warm Water

Warm water is a good cleansing agent. Also, it works gently on the skin. It will loosen the mehndi color so the henna particles easily wash away with scrubbing.

Warm Water For Mehndi Removing


Soak your hands in lukewarm water once a day or you can do it twice or thrice a day until your hands are cleaned off the henna stains.


Use lukewarm water only as hot water could burn your skin. Be gentle to your hands so as not to bruise the skin while scrubbing. Also, moisturize the hands to prevent drying due to hot water.

Olive Oil

Using olive oil for removing henna stains is the simplest and the safest method. It acts as an emulsifier and it works well on mehndi color. You only need to soak your hands in olive oil to remove the henna stains.

Olive Oil Remove Mehndi From Skin


• Soak a cotton ball in olive oil and apply it all … Read more

Bestselling Tissue Sheets And Their Uses

10 Bestselling Tissue Sheets And Their Uses

If your skin is oily then you should use best tissue sheet to remove excess oil from your face. Excess oil could shine on your face. Also, it could allow impurities to set on the skin. But it can be removed from the skin without disturbing the makeup.

Buy any of the 10 best selling tissue sheet and use them to remove the unnecessary oil from your skin.

Pleasing Care Natural Premium Oil Blotting Sheets

Pleasing Care Natural Premium Oil Blotting Sheets

A single tissue of this product is large enough to cover the full face and cleanse the entire face of excess oil. Its soft and gentle linen bamboo fibers absorb excess oil completely. Also, they can regulate the shine without requiring powder. Available for all skin types, these tissues neither clog pores nor do they smudge makeup. Also, they come in a convenient dispenser style.

Palladio Rice Paper Tissues

Palladio Rice Paper Tissues

If you want to use powder after cleaning your face with tissue paper then buy these issues. They have oil blotting sheets on one side and powder on the other. First, you can remove the excess oil from your face and then turn the sheet to touch up your makeup with powder. And this two-in-one design comes in travel-friendly packaging. Also, you will get a choice in color – Warm, Translucent, and Beige.

Schön Natural Oil Blotting Sheets

Schön Natural Oil Blotting Sheets

Made of 100% natural material, these blotting sheets could be called a true environmentally friendly product. They have the pulp of wood and hemp that provides a clear matte complexion and help fight acne as well. Also, the tissue sheets are enriched with essential nutrients that pamper the skin after absorbing the excess oil. You will get 100 sheets in a pack and they come in travel-friendly packing. But they are more expensive than others.

NYX Professional Makeup Matte Best Tissue Sheet

NYX Professional Makeup Matte Blotting Paper

You won’t need any powder or color if you are using NYX Professional blotting paper. Made with 100% pure pulp paper, these tissues provide complete treatment of oily skin. They will remove oil, grease, dirt particles, and pollutants from your skin. It is a truly vegan formula that is affordable as well. You will get 50 tissue sheets in a pack but these thin sheets could stick together.

Boscia Black Charcoal Tissue Linens Sheet

Boscia Black Charcoal Tissue Linens Sheet

If you are looking for tissue sheets that you can carry in your pocket then consider buying Boscia Black blotting sheets. They have natural abaca tree fiber that can absorb excess oil from your face by smudging the makeup. Also, it will detoxify and purifies your skin pores. After use, you will feel lighter and healthier. But the paper feels too thin when used and it is quite expensive as well.

Goiio Oil Best Tissue Sheets

Goiio Oil Best Tissue Sheets

Grab these gentle tissue sheets that contain soft linen fibers that can absorb excess oil, sweat, dirt, and other impurities from your face … Read more

Why All Made in India Mobiles Assembled?

How do you know that your mobile is Made in India without understanding the difference between manufactured or assembled mobiles?

Quick facts about Chinese mobiles

  • 73% of mobiles sold in India in the Q1 of 2020 were of China origin
  • Most Chinese mobiles sold in India are made locally in the country
  • There is company making fully Made in India smartphones

With PM Narendra Modi putting more focus on Made in India, the government has floated a scheme to encourage mobile manufacturers to increase their local production by 2025. 

Companies are given incentives to start making mobiles in the country but there is a long way to go before the country gets its fully functional mobile manufacturing units. 

Made in India mobiles are assembled phones

Mobile manufacturers including Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo of China and Samsung of South Korea make phones according to in “Make in India” program that allows assembling of devices in India. 

Since it isn’t possible to get everything needed for making a mobile in the country, the manufacturers import many components from factories situated outside the country like in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. All the important components of a mobile are brought in India and assembled at local factories. 

Mobile components brought from outside the country

Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets is a good example of imported mobile components. Since the technology needed for making these chipsets isn’t available in India, they have to be imported from their country of origin. 

Lack of natural resources in the country for making mobile components is also a reason for relying on foreign countries. For example, Sony makes mobile camera lenses in Kumamoto in Japan where it gets incredibly pure water needed for making high-quality camera sensors.

Locally made mobile components

Xiaomi makes 65% of its mobile components in India. Realme has 60% components of its phones Made in India and Infinix buys 40-50% components of its from Indian manufacturers. These components include batteries, frames, back panels and printed circuit boards (PCB). PCB makes the bed for laying other components and it accounts for 50% cost of an assembled mobile. 

How the government will boost local manufacturing?

The government is incentivizing the manufacturers to start making maximum mobile components in India. Incentives amounting to Rs. 50,000 crore are offered to set shop in India and meet set targets. Industry captains want PCB manufacturing to get a big boost with the incentives. But Samsung had already started looking for options to set a $500 million display manufacturing unit in India even before the incentive was announced.

Read more
Best Hair Brushes

How To Choose Best Hair Brushes According To Hair-Type

Just like your skin hair are also essential, after all, they are stars of our personality. But sometimes we neglect hair issues because of busy schedules and sometimes we neglect them. Besides spending money in saloons and taking supplements, it is important to look at what type of hair brushes we are using to give best hair appearance.

Best Hair Brushes

While choosing a hairbrush for hair it is a must to look for some important aspects that can help you to enjoy best hair appearance. Choosing the wrong hairbrush can easily damage your hair roots and start hair fall. If you are troubling with these hair issues then change your hairbrush according to hair type right now.

Let’s discuss some best hair brushes according to hair types..

Detangling Hair Brushes

Detangling Hair Brushes

If you are using a brush just after washing your hair, then detangling is perfect to add. With this brush, you can easily get smooth hair along with frizz-free hair. This brush is perfect for all kinds of hair types.

Wide-Tooth Comb

Wide-Tooth Comb

A wide-tooth comb is perfect for heavy hair. This comb can be perfect to detangle and comb your wet hair even dry without breakage. It is also perfect for all hair types and mostly recommends by hair professionals.

Tail Comb

Tail Comb

This comb is used to separate the layers of hair in equal parts without affecting hair quality and smoothen them out. Most of the saloon uses this rat tail comb for doing hair treatments as well as hair styling.

Round Brush

Round Brush

If you just want to add easy curls whether inner or outer, round brush is just perfect to enjoy saloon-style finish at home. Just take dryer and round brush to add bounce and curl in your hair.

Paddle Hair Brushes

For long hair paddle brush is perfect to smooth out your hair and keep it tangle-free without breakage. It can be best for long, heavy, and silky hair.

Vented Brush

Vented Hair Brushes

These brushes are used to add volume in your hair. Moreover, this brush is great to dry out hair quickly. This brush allows everyone to keep their hair healthy and beautifully maintained.

Read more