Foundation: Types And Application Process

A foundation can go a long way in achieving flawless skin and the good thing is that you can choose the right formula for your oily skin. Also, you can try wearing the foundation using the right tools. For example, if you are using a liquid formula, you should use a beauty sponge instead of a brush.

A little foundation before makeup can help in hiding the dark spots and highlighting the important features. But the results achieved depend on factors like your skin type, the foundation used, and application.

Here’re three popular foundation types and steps to apply those foundations.

You can choose a foundation keeping your oily skin type in mind.

Liquid Foundation

Suitability: All Skin Types

The beauty of liquid foundation cosmetics is that they can be applied with anything including a stippling brush, flat-top kabuki brush, rounded foundation brush, or fingers. But experts suggest sponges for cream and gel foundation. A beauty sponge provides maximum coverage and a natural finish.

Steps To Apply Liquid Foundation

Step 1: Prepare Your Face

Prepare Your Face

Clean your face with a gentle cleanser followed by a toner and a lightweight moisturizing lotion or cream. Allow the moisturizer to set on your skin before applying the primer.

Step 2: Apply The Foundation

Apply The Foundation

Take your sponge and dampen it with water or a makeup setting spray before dipping it in the bottle of the liquid foundation. Wipe off some foundation on the broader end of the beauty sponge and start applying the foundation from the center of your face. And blend it well with a stippling or bouncing motion.

Step 3: Set The Foundation

Set The Foundation

Take a translucent powder or your favorite one and a brush to set your foundation. Once the base is done, you can start the makeup. Add mascara to your eyes, and some blush, also use a highlighter and color your lips to give a final touch to your makeup.

Mineral/Loose Powder Foundation

Suitability: Combination To Oily Skin

Foundation For Oily Skin

Loose powder foundation is a lighter alternative to an oily liquid formula that could contain harsh ingredients and oils. People with sensitive skin & oily skin should use a mineral-based foundation as it won’t trigger any sensation or aggravate acne. Also, use a kabuki brush to pick and blend the loose powder foundation on your face. Or you can try a rounded foundation or fluffy powder brush to apply mineral foundation.

Steps To Apply Loose Powder Foundation

Step 1: Prepare Your Face

Do the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer treatment to prepare your skin for mineral foundation. Also, allow your skin to absorb the lightweight moisturizer before applying primer.

Step 2: Take Little Powder Foundation For Application

Take Little Powder Foundation For Application

Tap your kabuki brush on the mineral foundation and swirl the brush around the bottle. Remember that you need a little amount of powder, so it is better to shed the extra powder in the bottle. Also, you can always come back for more.

Step 3: Apply The Loose Powder Foundation

Apply The Loose Powder Foundation

Start from the larger part of your face and buff in circular motions. Keep buffing on the first part until the powder formula thoroughly blends with your skin. Do a similar job on the second part and don’t forget to swirl the foundation around your jawline and hairline to hide any visible demarcations on the face.

If you see that your face requires more buffing, you can take a little more powder foundation and work as suggested to get the perfect finish. Beginners could require reworking on their faces. Also, it is better to rework instead of putting on too much loose powder on your face. Take a little powder and go slow so you cover all areas and get the perfect finish.

Pressed Powder Foundation

Suitability: Combination To Oily Skin

Pressed powder foundation is considered easy to use. Also, it provides high coverage. If you are looking for a foundation that is a step ahead then go for a pressed powder foundation.

Steps To Apply Pressed Powder Foundation

Step 1: Prepare Your Face

Clean, tone, and moisturize your face with a lightweight moisturizing lotion. And apply primer after allowing the moisturizer to set deep inside your skin cells.

Step 2: Apply Concealer

Apply Concealer

It’s time to hide all ugly spots – dark under-eye circles, and marks – on your face with a quality concealer. Find the spots that you want to hide and cover them with a concealer. Also, set some translucent powder on the blemishes covered.

Step 3: Apply Pressed Powder Foundation

Apply Pressed Powder Foundation For Oily Skin

Get ready to apply the powder to your face. Take your brush and tap it into the foundation bottle. And don’t forget to shed the extra powder in the bottle before starting its application. Choose a large area of your face and start applying the powder foundation in a patting motion. Concentrate on the process and never hesitate to take a little extra powder for perfect blending. Blend the powder well for an even natural finish.

Foundation Tips For Beginners For Oily Skin

Foundation Tips For Beginners For Oily Skin

• When applying foundation, you should use natural light or white LED light to get the perfect look. It is important to choose the right light because the foundation would look different in yellow light than in fluorescent light.

• Test your foundation for a perfect skin match on your jawline or chest.

• Oil-based formula is suitable for dry skin types that won’t break out. But if your skin is oily and acne prone, it is better to use a lightweight oil-free formula.

• Mixing a liquid illuminator to the foundation could add a subtle glow to your look.

• Dust your T-zone with a quality translucent powder with a fluffy brush to make your foundation last longer. Or you can use a setting makeup spray.

• Put more focus on preparing your face for foundation. Cleaning, toning, and moisturizing are the three most important steps that have a direct say in the final look of your foundation.

Foundation is used to unify the skin tone and balance out the color. And the rule for the foundation is less for more. A little foundation formula with the right application can do magic for your face.

Disclaimer: Choose a foundation after testing and use it as prescribed. Go through the pros and cons of specific foundation creams before choosing one.

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