Know How To Bleach Your Brows At Home

Bleached brows are in trend and the good thing is that you can bleach your brows at home. Also, brow bleaching provides an opportunity to switch your hair color to blonde or platinum as you can lighten your eyebrows to blend with your new hair color.

Now you can consider lightening your brows so they work well with your makeup, jewelry, or dress. Simply prepare your brows for bleaching and go ahead with a quality product. And it won’t take you much time in bleaching your brows.

Prepare your brows for bleaching, make bleach, apply the bleaching cream, and wipe the cream to reveal the lightened brows.

Here’re the important steps for brow bleaching

Prepare your brows

Have a close look at your brows to determine whether they need grooming. If they do, then start preparing your brows with grooming.

• Thread, wax, or pluck – choose the best way to remove the overgrown hair. And be careful so as not to deeply trim your brows.

• After grooming is done, you need to clean the brows to clean them of any traces of makeup or dirt and grime that could have stuck between the thick brows.

• Shampoo the brows and let them dry naturally.

• Groom your tresses as well to pull them back so they don’t interrupt the brow bleaching process.

Prepare the bleaching cream

The next big step in brow bleaching is preparing the cream. You have groomed, cleaned, and dried your brows. Now they are ready to be bleached. It is time to prepare the bleaching cream and complete the process.

Prepare the bleaching cream

Arrange necessary things

  1. Get a cream bleach kit of your choice. Shop around to find the best kit like Sally Hansen Crème Hair Bleach For Face. It is a fast-acting yet gentle cream. Also, its smooth, no-drip formula allows it to mix easily. It is a good choice or you can look for any other option.
  2. You will need a handy glass tray or bowl to mix the bleaching cream.
  3. Keep a pack of wet pipes for wiping the bleach and removing the spillover on your face.
  4. Wear a hairband to prevent loose hair strands from coming into contact with the bleaching cream.

Step 1: Open the bleach cream pack and take out the activator. Pull out a little content about the size of a dime from the pack and mix the activator with cream bleach until it looks like whipped butter.

Step 2: Since the bleach is ready and your brows are prepared to get bleached, you can go ahead and apply the bleaching cream to the eyebrows.

You will need a spatula to apply the bleach to your brows. You should find a spatula in the bleach cream pack or you can buy it from the market. Coat each brow with thick cream and leave it for about two minutes. Set your mobile timer to two minutes so you don’t overexpose your brows to the chemical.

wipe away the bleach

Step 3: Do a wipe test to check whether the brows have lightened to the color you want. If they have, you can clean both brows with wet wipes. Also, you need to wash your face especially your brows thoroughly to remove any traces of bleach from your brows. Also, apply a good quality face moisturizer on the bleached area.

In case, you feel that the brows need more bleaching, you can give another coat of bleach on the brows and leave them for one more minute.

Check how your brows look like after the bleaching is done. It isn’t a time taking or laborious process if you have everything arranged beforehand. Also, you need to take some precautions with the bleaching cream.

bleach on your brows

Don’t allow the bleach to spread outside of the brows

The biggest precaution you need to take with bleaching powder is to prevent it from falling into your eyes. It is a chemical and as expected, it can trigger a sensation in your eyes, if it gets into your eyes. Wipe out the excess bleach with wet wipes to keep your skin and eyes safe.

Choose the right shade

For a light brown shade, you will need one shade lighter than your brow color and a little blonde hair color over the bleached brows. Similarly, you need a more medium brown color to turn black eyebrows into brownish. After bleaching, color your brows with light ash brown color to get the perfect shade.

Avoid leaving bleach for a long time

Two minutes are more than sufficient for bleaching brows as leaving the bleach cream on hair for a long period could result in the orange or reddish shade. But never worry, if you turn your brows orange as you can still get the right shade by using ash semi-permanent hair color.

bleaching your eyebrows

Shield your skin

Apply Vaseline jelly around your brows to prevent the skin from coming into contact with the chemical.

Removing the bleach

You have wet wipes to remove the bleach. But if you don’t have wet wipes or you run out of your stock of wipes, you can use a warm washcloth to wipe out the bleach from your brows. You should never use tissue paper or remove bleach with a water jet.

Use proper lighting

Your dressing room should have proper lighting so that you can see things. You will be able to make an opinion on the bleach color of your brows only when you can see it.

What if bleaching doesn’t suit my brows and skin?

Yes, it happens with many women. If your skin is sensitive towards bleach or you simply don’t like to bleach but want to lighten your brows then you should look for an alternative.

For example, you can use chamomile oil or lemon juice with honey to lighten your brows. Or you can use hydrogen peroxide. Or you can make fake bleached eyebrows with the help of a concealer and color corrector. But bleaching brows is a much easier and reliable way of lightening your brows.

Disclaimer: Bleaching your brows without any professional training isn’t advisable. Also, for best results, you should get a salon treatment.

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