Step-By-Step Tutorial For Natural Look With Minimalist Makeup

Makeup is a necessity but there is little need to put on the makeup that hides your natural beauty. It is called natural look and it involves maintaining your natural beauty as much as possible. You can also go for a minimalist makeup tutorial in which minimum makeup is used to get this natural look.

Celebrities ace this look because it reduces the use of creams and lotions that could develop into cracks or even meltdown in hot temperatures. But minimum makeup doesn’t mean removing makeup items altogether. The objective is to improve the natural look with minimum use of makeup products.

If you also want to get a natural look, you should start by minimalist makeup tutorial

Minimal Makeup Kit

• Moisturizer
• Concealer
• Bronzer
• Radiance Primer
• Cream Blush
• Luminizing Foundation
• Black Eyeliner Pencil
• Mascara
• Eyelash Curler
• Lipstick

Step 1: Prepping Your Skin

Prepping Your Skin

When you prepare your skin for makeup, you clean, tone, and moisturize the skin. Use a lightweight moisturizer that doesn’t make you feel sticky. Also, it is important to use a quality skin primer that further improves the skin condition and helps it to accept the makeup.

The objective of preparing your skin is to get an ultra-smooth surface that allows the makeup creams, lotions, and foundation to glide over your skin. Since it is an important step, you should be careful with the selection of your facial cleansers and toners.

Step 2: Applying Your Foundation

Apply Foundation For Minimalist Makeup

Here starts the minimalist makeup tutorial. The first thing is to apply a foundation that matches your skin tone. If you don’t want a foundation, you can use a tinted moisturizer but make sure it matches your skin tone. And choose a quality product that leaves a dewy and fresh glow on your face.

If you don’t find a foundation or tinted moisturizer matching your skin tone, you can mix two shades to get a flawless finish. The objective of the foundation is to bring out the natural beauty instead of getting a masked look. Your skin should look perfect and ready to accept the makeup. It is better to spend some time on the foundation to do a perfect job.

Step 3: Time For Concealer

Minimalist Makeup Concealer

Look at your face from close to find the areas where you need to use the concealer. Check out for dark spots under your eyes and look for redness on the skin. These are the two most common spots that need to be covered with a concealer. Also, you should get a quality product that gives amazing results.

Take a super pigmented concealer that won’t crease and that stays all day long. Draw an inverted “V” under your eyes to conceal the dark circles and buff the produce with a quality buffing brush. Blend the concealer well until harsh lines and patches are disappeared.

Step 4: Moving On To The Eyes

Natural Look For Eyes

After completing the foundation, it’s time to move to your eyes and improve their look. Take a high-quality eyelash curler and start curling your lashes. Once the lashes are curled, you can go for mascara treatment. It is the product that will make your lashes lengthy and voluminous.

Mascara can do wonders for your lashes. It’s one layer sufficient to get gorgeous looking fluttery long lashes. Now take your pencil eyeliner to highlight your upper lash line. It will make your lashes appear thicker and darker. Choose the pencil that is extremely pigmented and long-lasting. The focus is on retaining the makeup for a long time.

Grooming your eyebrows is a great idea as it will add definition to your eyes. Fill the sparse areas with a brow powder and spread the powder with a thin, flat, and angled brush.

Step 5: Warm It Up With Bronzer

Warm It Up With Bronzer

Before you start applying a bronzer you should understand the idea of using this product. It isn’t about applying it wherever you like or using it in a huge quantity. The objective is to keep it simple by applying it only to your cheekbones and hairline. Choose a product that is infused with ingredients like 100% real cocoa powder.

Avoid going overboard with bronzer as it is for limited use. Do as suggested by the experts. Use a quality product only and try keeping it as natural as possible.

Step 6: Add A Flush Of Color To The Cheeks

Flush Of Color To The Cheeks

Highlight your cheekbones with a cream blush without any kind of shimmer or glitter as it looks more natural. If you want a lit-from-within effect, you should go for a cheek and lip cream that gives the perfect color. Put a little cream on your cheeks and blend it well using a blush brush.

Put the focus on blending the cream on your cheeks. Remember that you are doing minimalistic makeup to get a natural look and it is possible only when you keep the makeup as natural as possible.

Step 7: Perfect Your Pout

Perfect Your Pout Makeup

You are almost done as only your lips are left. You need to add some color to your lips but remember that it is a no-makeup look. Choose the lip color that matches well with your blush. For example, if your blush is coral or a brighter pink, you should choose a muted lip color or a tinted lip balm.


And you are done! You have got makeup that is 100% natural. The minimalist use of makeup products has brought your natural beauty out. And this makeup is going to last all day. This makeup is good for all reasons, seasons, and celebrations. You can go out and flaunt your look with style.

Tips For Natural Makeup

• Take good care of your skin so it is ready to accept makeup. Also, be careful of skin allergies with makeup products.
• Always use quality products and test new products on your skin before applying them to your face.
• Avoid experimenting with skincare products as they could be harmful in the long run.
• If you have any allergies, you should see a dermatologist without delay as it could be due to a makeup product.

Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purposes only and readers are advised to be cautious while taking minimalist makeup tutorial at home.

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