Step-By-Step Makeup Guide For College Girls

College Girls Makeup– College life is the time when you want to look at your best and you don’t hesitate in experimenting with your look, makeup, and cosmetics. It is the time when you are at the top of your energy, dreams, and aspirations. It is the time when you want to show your true colors from simple to rebellious with natural makeup look tutorial.

If you are ready to go on a roller-coaster ride of changing your looks with your dresses then you should keep reading the blog as here you will get a complete tutorial on how to get gorgeous makeup with minimal makeup.

Let’s Start with step-by-step natural makeup look tutorial….

First, collect the natural makeup essentials

• Powder
• Foundation/BB Cream
• Eye Pencil
• Brush
• Blush
• Lipstick
• Mascara

Step 1

Step 1 Of Natural Makeup

You are always in a hurry as you don’t want to miss a single moment of enjoying life to the full. Minimalist natural makeup look tutorial is a great way to enhance your look without messing with cosmetics. Also, you can find a few minutes to perfect a natural and fresh look without minimum makeup.

Brighten up your face instantly with a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream and get ready for the second step. And it won’t consume much time. Just keep your makeup kit ready and move your hands quickly to save time in makeup. Also, always use quality cosmetics that give the best results.

Step 2

Girls Makeup Powder

So, you learn from tutorial how to save time while bringing out your natural makeup look and feel. And now you should learn to take advantage of the time saved in the first step to improve your look. Apply a dash of blush in a lighter shade preferably pink or coral onto your cheeks. And you will need a fluffy powder brush to apply blush.

It is a necessary step as it would make your skin appear healthier and add life to your face. While it is a little time-consuming, it is worth an effort. What you need to do to be quick is to arrange everything in advance so you save some time for other steps.

Step 3

Step 3 Of Natural Makeup

This step is going to be crucial for your eyes as here you will work on your eyebrows. Yes, you can groom the brows to bring them in shape but it is just a part of the eye makeup. Take an eyebrow pencil and start working on your brows. Create thin hair-like strokes but keep the brows as natural as possible.

You need to spend some time grooming your eyebrows and finish by blending them with a spoolie brush. While you will groom and improve your brows, they will look natural. Spend some time on makeup to get the natural look that you can expect only after a saloon treatment.

Step 4

Eye Pencil For Makeup

You have blushed your cheeks and groomed your eyebrows. Now it is time to work on your eyes. The time saved in the above steps can be consumed at this step. Take an eye pencil and start lining your upper eyelid. You need to smudge out the harsh lines and blend the color with the help of a smudging brush or you can use a pencil brush.

Blend the pencil color well so your eyes get a softer and more natural look. You can use a dark brown eye pencil or any other color that you find matches well with your skin tone.

Step 5

Blush In step 5

Again work on your eyelid and this time you need to smudge the pencil line. Use a light brown matte finish eyeshadow for this job. Focus on the process as the finish and look will depend on how you improve your eyelid. And it is better to keep things simple and natural as natural is more beautiful.

Since you are a college-going woman, it is advised that you avoid shimmer and satin finish as it would look overdone and unflattering. Here you need to work with care as a little mistake and you will miss the look. Also, take care that your make doesn’t look overdone.

Step 6

Step 6 Is Lashline

After finishing the eyelid, you need to work on the lower lashline. Take an eye pencil of your choice and start working on the rim of the lower lashline. Be careful as you are working on the lashline. Avoid doing mistakes like making it darker than needed.

The first thing is to choose the right eye pencil. You can use a white pencil if you aren’t able to find a suitable color. It is better to keep things simple instead of regretting your decision later. Working on your lower lash line will open up your eyes a bit so they appear bigger.

Step 7

Eye Makeups

Great! You have done your eye makeup and you can see how your eyes are looking. Since you have to use minimalist makeup and kept things simple, your eyes should look natural. But the eye makeup won’t be complete until you improve your lashes.

Coat both your lashes with loads of mascara to enhance the appearance of your eyes. Or you can use false lashes to get the perfect look. This step shouldn’t consume much of your time but you should be careful about perfection. Use mascara, if you aren’t comfortable with false lashes. Finish the eye makeup and move on to the final step.

Step 8

Step 8 of Natural makeup look Tutorial

Your makeup is almost finished. The apple of your cheeks has blush and your eyes look naturally beautiful. You have groomed your eyebrows and find no flaw in your look. Now is the time to put a cherry on the cake. You need to work on your lips so you get ready to step out and surprise your friends.

Your lips look just like a coat of your favorite lip color. Or you can swipe a coat of lip balm or a lip gloss if you don’t want to wear lipstick. In this way, you will get a natural look for your lips. Now you are ready to go to your college.

Final Thoughts

College is the place where you get an education, socialize with friends, and make plans. It is the place where you want to look at your best as life starts from college.

Disclaimer: The information provided in the blog is for educational purposes only and the readers are advised to be cautious with the makeup process and cosmetics.

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