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Remove White Facial Hair In 9 Ways

Are you worried about the growth of white hair strands over your upper lip or chin and don’t know how to get rid of those unwanted hair strands? If yes then keep reading as this blog is about facial hair removal.

There is little need to go into the reasons for the growth of white hair on your face, but you should know how to remove them safely. Also, the hair removal process should be painless and long-lasting.

Here are 9 ways of facial hair removal


Epilation Facial Hair Removal

An epilator is an electric hair remover that removes white hair from its root. While it pulls out hair, it isn’t painful. On the contrary, it is more convenient than waxing. Also, it is more effective than shaving white facial hair.

How To:

• Soften your facial hair with lukewarm water
• Apply moisturizer to the area where you want to use the epilator
Glide the epilator in the opposite direction of the hair growth
• Rinse off your face and pat dry

Note: Epilation works on the hair of the size of ¼ of an inch.


Tweezing White Facial Hair

Tweezing white hair is a manual process of unwanted & white facial hair removal. It is slightly painful, but you can go slow to reduce the pain. Its advantage is that it provides relief from white hair for at least 4-8 weeks.

How To:

• Get a pair of tweezers made of stainless steel
• Sanitize the device with isopropyl alcohol
• Or sterilize the pair of tweezers in hot water
• Start plucking your white hair one by one

Note: It is a slow process hence suitable only for removing a few strands.… Read more

Tips For Safer Sensitive Eye Makeup

Tips For Safer Sensitive Eye Makeup

Eye sensitivity is a common problem but there is little need to worry about it as you can still do safe sensitive makeup without facing an allergic situation like irritation and watery eyes. First thing is to know what causes allergies to your eyes and second thing is to buy cosmetics that are safe for your eyes.

Also, you need to keep some tips and tricks in mind that can help wear eye makeup without any allergic reaction. But before you proceed, you should get an education on eye sensitivity.

What Is Eye Sensitivity?

Eye Sensitivity

Eye sensitivity is an allergy to foreign products including makeup products. Whenever you touch the areas around your eyes with cosmetics, you feel irritation in the eyes. It is called contact dermatitis. It could be due to an underlying skin condition or you could develop sensitivity to cosmetics over time.

Types of contact dermatitis

Eye sensitivity or contact dermatitis can be classified into allergic and irritant categories depending upon their causes. The classification helps in understanding eye sensitivity.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis: If you are allergic to certain products and those products are included in your cosmetics, you will develop allergic contact dermatitis. As a result, your eyes will become red and itchy. In severe cases, your eyes could swell and you could develop hives.

Irritant Contact Dermatitis: This condition develops when you use a certain type of makeup product for a long time. It means you will have an allergy to the cosmetics that you have been using for a long. And the common symptoms of this condition are burning of eyes, stinging sensation, and itching. In severe cases, you could have blisters Read more


Foundation: Types And Application Process

A foundation can go a long way in achieving flawless skin and the good thing is that you can choose the right formula for your oily skin. Also, you can try wearing the foundation using the right tools. For example, if you are using a liquid formula, you should use a beauty sponge instead of a brush.

A little foundation before makeup can help in hiding the dark spots and highlighting the important features. But the results achieved depend on factors like your skin type, the foundation used, and application.

Here’re three popular foundation types and steps to apply those foundations.

You can choose a foundation keeping your oily skin type in mind.

Liquid Foundation

Suitability: All Skin Types

The beauty of liquid foundation cosmetics is that they can be applied with anything including a stippling brush, flat-top kabuki brush, rounded foundation brush, or fingers. But experts suggest sponges for cream and gel foundation. A beauty sponge provides maximum coverage and a natural finish.

Steps To Apply Liquid Foundation

Step 1: Prepare Your Face

Prepare Your Face

Clean your face with a gentle cleanser followed by a toner and a lightweight moisturizing lotion or cream. Allow the moisturizer to set on your skin before applying the primer.

Step 2: Apply The Foundation

Apply The Foundation

Take your sponge and dampen it with water or a makeup setting spray before dipping it in the bottle of the liquid foundation. Wipe off some foundation on the broader end of the beauty sponge and start applying the foundation from the center of your face. And blend it well with a stippling or bouncing motion.

Step 3: Set The Foundation

Set The Foundation

Take a translucent powder or … Read more

Get The Perfect Sun-Kissed Look With A Bronzer

How To Get The Perfect Sun-Kissed Look With A Bronzer?

Longing for a celebrity-style sun kissed makeup look & glow over your face. If yes, then take a bronzer and apply it to the areas where the sun would naturally touch your face. But avoid applying the bronzer all over your face as it will make it appear muddy.

Reasons For Using A Bronzer

While contouring would highlight your facial features, a bronzer a little warmth and glow to those features. Since you will apply bronzer on the areas where then the sun would naturally touch, your face will get a sun-kissed glow. Also, it will make your skin appear healthier. And you can use it all year.

While for some, using a bronzer is a summer trend, but little do they know that a little bronzer on their faces could be a massive game-changer.

Do you know how to apply a bronzer?

Proper application with the right tools could give you a sun-kissed glow within moments. And a little mistake in choosing the right color of the bronzer and applying it all over your face could spoil your look.

You simply go on applying a bronzer of any color on your face as there is a set procedure for using a bronzer. And the process starts with cleaning the face and then preparing your skin to accept a bronzer. Also, you shouldn’t use a darker shade as it will look unnatural.

First, know the cosmetics and tools you need to apply a bronzer for sun kissed makeup look

• Foundation
• Concealer
• Powder
• Makeup Brushes
• Bronzer
• Highlighter
• Blush

Apply a bronzer in the following steps for sun kissed makeup

Read more
Halo Eye Makeup

Beginner’s Guide For Halo Eye Makeup

Eyes speak a lot and for this reason, the first thing you see are eyes. Also, eyes need special attention during makeup for a similar reason. And there are many eye makeup tutorial for beginners to improve the eyes.

For example, you can groom your eyebrows, add more lashes to your eyes, or make a halo in each eye. For the halo, you will need to work on your eyes. You need to do primer, eyeshadow, and then glitter to create a halo. While it isn’t a difficult job, but you will need some tools and training.

Here’re the makeup tutorial for beginners & things you need to creating halos around your eyes

• Brushes – Long, Short, and Angled
• Eyeshadow Palette
• Concealer
• Brow Pencil
• False Eyelashes
• Gel Eyeliner

Quickly grab the said items and get ready to give your eyes halos. The job has to be done in steps and every step is important. Also, the level of challenge will increase with each step in eye makeup tutorial for beginners. One more thing is that you need to remove all spots and blemishes from your face that could distract the attention of viewers from your eyes.

A brief introduction

To get eye halo makeup, you need to create a background for the halo and then create the halo effect with glitter. Hide your dark circles, if you have circles under your eyes. Also, fine-tune your lashes, or get ready to wear mascara. And don’t forget to groom your eyebrows as they could play a spoiler at the end.

Step 1: Prepare Your Eyes For A Halo

Prepare Eyes For A Halo

Eyes can tell the truth … Read more


Hide Your Pimples Behind Makeup Or Distract Breakouts With Makeup

Acne or breakout is common but it is unwelcome. A breakout, however small it is, could spoil your look. While there are treatment options available to treat acne, but the treatment takes time in giving results, so cover your acne with makeup.

The biggest problem with acne or breakout is that they can form anytime and without prior warning. So, if you aren’t ready to hide a red spot on your face, you will certainly miss big events.

Learn to cover acne with makeup

Cosmetics needed to cover acne and breakouts with makeup

Cover Acne With Makeup
  1. Primer

A lightweight and oil-free primer would work well as it can hold the makeup at the inflamed spot for a long time. If you fear hyperpigmentation or scarring, then you should buy a primer with SPF. It is necessary to use an SPF cream as exposure to the sun could slow down the healing process and lengthen the suffering.

  1. Concealer

Find a matching concealer for your skin tone as color correcting can provide real help in hiding inflammation and scarring. Put more focus on finding the best match to get better results. It is only a matching concealer that can match the redness of the breakouts with your skin tone.

  1. Concealer Brush

A concealer can help hide your breakouts only when it is applied correctly. And for correct application, you need a spot concealer brush. Choose one that you are comfortable with so you get a perfect blending of the formula and precise application of the cosmetic. Quality of results achieved largely depends on the functionality of the brush.

  1. Foundation

Foundation forms a strong base of makeup and when you are … Read more

Effective Tips To Deal With Makeup Problem In Summer

10 Effective Tips To Deal With Makeup Problem In Summer

Summer isn’t the right time to wear makeup or it would be more appropriate to say that you need to change the way you wear makeup keeping the summer heat in mind.

As soon as you step outside, the hot sun will start baking your makeup. Skin produces excess sweat to cool off but the excess moisture could drain the layers of your makeup. Also, the melted makeup can enter your skin pores and create more problems.

Here’re 10 reliable ways of doing makeup in the summer time

Face Wash With Oil Control Properties

Face Wash With Oil Control Properties

Buy a face wash that can soak the excess oil with impurities and give your face a fresh look and feel. Also, it will tone up the skin cells. A cool sprinkle of a quality face wash followed by a pat dry session with a towel or tissue is sufficient to recharge your cells. Summer heat could be harsh on your face, but this simple formula can keep you fresh all day. Just a splash of a refreshing face wash is enough to rejuvenate your skin.

Ice Treatment

Ice Treatment For Summer Makeup

Grab an ice cube and start pampering your skin soft and tender facial skin with the cool stuff. You can use it directly but be careful so as not to irritate the capillaries in the skin. A cold touch isn’t good for delicate skin, but there is little harm in pampering your skin with an ice cube to prevent the meltdown of the makeup. A gentle massage for a couple of seconds is sufficient to close the large pores and prevent the makeup from melting. Pat-dry your skin after the treatment.


Toner For Summer Makeup

Applying a quality toner to your facial skin up to … Read more

Red Blush Cosmetics For Rosy Cheeks

6 Red Blush Cosmetics For Rosy Cheeks

Blushing will spread redness over your face and it will be long-lasting. You won’t need to touch your cheeks every hour after getting a perfect red blush makeup early morning. And you can keep your blush cosmetics in your bag.

So, you don’t blush, or you don’t know how to. Blush isn’t a formal makeup for which you need any kind of preparation. It is a final touch that can improve your complexion. And you can blush your cheeks without any help.

When you want to blush your cheeks, you can take your blush pack and dab your two fingers on the cosmetic and apply it all over your cheeks. Or you can take the help of a soft brush that will spread the blush evenly on your cheeks.

Here’re 6 bestselling red blush makeup products you can use to uplift your complexion

  1. NARS Blush – Exhibit A
NARS Blush – Exhibit A

Pink blush on the apples of your cheeks can energize your complexion instantly. And you can blush your cheeks at home with this blush. It has a neutral, healthy-looking color that can immediately enliven your face. When you need to uplift your complexion, you can simply take the blush and apply it to your cheeks.

Suitable for everyday use, it gives long-lasting results. Ideal for all skin tones, this blush will enhance your natural glow. Available in a travel-friendly pack, you can carry it in your bag for everyday use. But you won’t require touching after giving a complete blush to your face. Try this product for once and you won’t consider using any other product.

  1. NYX PROFESSIONAL Makeup Sweet Cheeks – Red Riot

Sweep your cheeks with … Read more

Make Your Face Glow Overnight

5 DIY Ways To Make Your Face Glow Overnight

To make your face glow, you need to lead an active and healthy life that includes eating healthy food, following a correct sleeping pattern, exercising, and maintaining a CTM routine. But it will take some time in giving results. Another way to make your face glow is to get a DIY skin treatment products that can give instant results.

Here’re 5 face glow treatment products options that you can get at home.

Rice And Sesame Body Scrub

It is a DIY scrub that you can make at home and use. Since all the ingredients of this scrub are available in your kitchen, you won’t have any hassle in preparing the scrub. Also, you won’t buy commercial scrubs after using homemade rice and sesame body scrub.

Rice And Sesame Body Scrub


The ingredients are for one-time use as the scrub can’t be stored. It has to be made fresh.

• 3 tsp of unroasted white sesame
• 3 tsp of any variety of white rice

Making the scrub:

Mix the ingredients in a bowl and clean them under running water. After cleaning them of impurities, soak them well in water. Fill the water up to the height of the ingredients and leave them for 7-8 hours. Drain the remaining water and grind the sesame seeds and rice into a slightly coarse paste for application. Don’t leave the rice granules coarse as they can cause skin abrasions while using the scrub.

Scrub your skin:

• The scrub is now ready for application but you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to give it a fragrance. But it is optional.

• Wet your skin properly and start applying the paste all over your … Read more

Bleach Your Brows At Home

Know How To Bleach Your Brows At Home

Bleached brows are in trend and the good thing is that you can bleach your brows at home. Also, brow bleaching provides an opportunity to switch your hair color to blonde or platinum as you can lighten your eyebrows to blend with your new hair color.

Now you can consider lightening your brows so they work well with your makeup, jewelry, or dress. Simply prepare your brows for bleaching and go ahead with a quality product. And it won’t take you much time in bleaching your brows.

Prepare your brows for bleaching, make bleach, apply the bleaching cream, and wipe the cream to reveal the lightened brows.

Here’re the important steps to bleach brows at home

Prepare your brows to bleach at home

Have a close look at your brows to determine whether they need grooming. If they do, then start preparing your brows with grooming.

• Thread, wax, or pluck – choose the best way to remove the overgrown hair. And be careful so as not to deeply trim your brows.

• After grooming is done, you need to clean the brows to clean them of any traces of makeup or dirt and grime that could have stuck between the thick brows.

• Shampoo the brows and let them dry naturally.

• Groom your tresses as well to pull them back so they don’t interrupt the brow bleaching process.

Prepare the bleaching cream

The next big step in brow bleaching is preparing the cream. You have groomed, cleaned, and dried your brows before you bleach at home. Now they are ready to be bleached. It is time to prepare the bleaching cream and complete the process.… Read more