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hair type is curly & frizzy

Do not Wash your Hair Frequently if your Hair Type is Curly & Frizzy!!

Tell me first, how often you washed your hair? Regularly or in intervals? Well, finding out the best hair wash for your hair is quite daunting. If you’re washing hair frequently then it causes dryness especially when you are using extreme chemical-based shampoo.

Stop washing enough. Just like your skin you have to care for hair as well. While our studies, we have also found some girls are likely to wash hair daily without affecting the quality of hair. So what should you do?

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best Hairstyles

5 the best Hairstyles that every bride should know about!

For every bride, her hairstyle should be unique, well-created, and appealing. You have some great options in your bucket already, but you need the best. A hairstyle that can improve your personality and enhance your features.

best Hairstyles

As a bride, you just want to look stunning, whether it is for a pre-bridal shoot or wedding day. For our beautiful ladies, we have rounded up 6 of the best hairstyle that you’ll love for sure.

Let us see!

1. Get Gajra hairstyle

If you are thinking Gajra is outdated, then I would … Read the rest

The hairstyle you can carry to look stunning in Frizzy hair

Tired off with Frizzy Hair? Try These Hairstyles to Style Your Frizzy Hair!

How many hours you have spent to style your hair? Are you frustrated with your same hairstyle? Yes! This might take you here and you just wanted to make your look refreshing. Frizzy hair ruined everything, because you are unable to get ready or if you have done but a minute after you see frizziness.

Well, you are not alone who is facing this problem. It is trouble for both men and women globally. Hence, we have here and will show you how you can tame your frizzy hair and … Read the rest

skin and hairs care for biker

For the Bikers: How to Protect their Skin and Hairs from Damage

Biking is one of the most important delights in everyone’s life. But it also causes many Hair and skin problems. In our Atmosphere, there are very harmful chemicals in the air that badly affect our skin and hair. The ultraviolet Radiations are very dangerous for our body and cause many diseases. So, from all these, we have to cover our hole exposed parts to avoid problems but also take extra care of our head and body with the right treatment.

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