Makeup Tips For Your Old Mascara Wand

5 Makeup Tips For Your Old Mascara Wand

Makeup Tips – What do you of the mascara wand once the mascara is used up? If your answer is throwing the wand out then this blog is going to change your opinion forever. A mascara wand is a makeup accessory that you can use even when you aren’t using mascara. Or in other words, you can find more uses for the wand.

Some Potential Makeup Tips for Uses Of Mascara Wands

If you look at a wand, you will find that it is a handy tool that can be used for grooming eyebrows, setting dry hair, exfoliating lips, and … Find more

Dumbbells Beginners Can Use For Strength Training

9 Dumbbells Beginners Can Use For Strength Training

Dumbbells for strength Training whether you want to tone your biceps or strengthen your core, a set of dumbbells can do magic for your resistance training. And the good thing is that you can easily find the right set of dumbbells for your needs.

Advantages of dumbbell exercises:

• Increased stabilization and muscle activation
• Eliminate strength imbalances
• Improved safety when training alone
• Multiple options to intensify your workouts
• Increased range of motions
• More freedom of movements
• Prevention of injuries with better weight management

Choosing the right dumbbell

Dumbbells … Find more

Gym Ball Exercise

Swiss ball or gym ball exercises have more advantages than others and the good thing is that you can do these exercises at home. The biggest advantage of Gym ball exercises is they make work out more interesting and challenging.

Advantages of Gym ball exercises:

• Improved balance
• Enhanced strength
• Increased flexibility
• Lesser fatigue
• Suitable for all

For exercising, you need a quality Swiss ball of appropriate size and some training on how to perform exercises on a ball. Here’re 10 best Gym ball exercises you can practice at home.

  1. Swiss
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Haircut For Your Face Shape

Choose The Right Pixie Haircut For Your Face Shape

Pixie haircut was introduced in the 1950s but it is still very popular. Celebs wear it and so are teenagers and fashion-conscious women. You can see Halle Berry, Rihanna, Keira Knightly, Victoria Beckham, and Katie Holmes wearing pixie haircuts during parties and events.

A great thing about the pixie haircut is that it matches well on every face shape. Also, you can make little changes in the hairstyle to make it suitable for your face shape.

Here’re five common face shapes and pixie haircuts to suit those shapes. You can try a pixie haircut after determining your face shape.

  1. For
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Cute Hairstyles For Medium-Length hair

15 Cute Hairstyles For Medium-Length hair

There is little to worry about your medium-length hair as you have plenty of hairstyling options to make your locks look luscious and lengthy. Here are 15 different cute hairstyles for medium-length hair.

Here we go….

  1. Twisted High Bun With Embellishments
Cute Hairstyles

It is a cute hairstyles decorated with a few embellishments that look like stars shining in a dark night. And it is much easier to make. Simply collect the messy hair in a bun style and lock them with a hairpin right at your crown. Also, you can go ahead with decorating the bun with hair embellishments.

  1. Side-Parted Waves
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Blue Flowers You Will Want To grow In Your Home

15 Blue Flowers You Will Want To grow In Your Home

Blue is the color of peace and tranquility. Also, it conveys love and affection. It is a cool color that soothes tired eyes and tensed nerves. If you want to gift a flower to a friend then choose the blue color. If you want to beautify your front garden, grow blue flowers.

Here’re the 15 most popular blue flowers plants of the world

  1. Blue hydrangea
Blue hydrangea

Blue hydrangea looks more beautiful than others because of its color variations that develop according to the alkalinity of the soil. It could be a rich blue color or a subtle shade of powder … Find more

Brain Gym Activities

There are some exercises that can make you smarter and sharper. They are called brain gym exercises and they are good for many things including the following:

• Enhance confidence
• Increase attention and memory
• Boost thinking ability and decision-making power
• Improve eye movements
• Revitalize your mood when you feel disappointed

Here’re 12 brain gym exercises you can try at home to improve your brain function, hand-eye coordination, and hand hand-leg coordination.

  1. Marching In Place
Marching In Place

It is a low-intensity exercise great for doing warm-up. Also, it improves breathing, balance, and hand-leg coordination.

How To:

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Exercises That Burn Side Flab Faster

10 Exercises That Burn Side Flab Faster

It is easier to burn side fat with exercising and you will be surprised to know that only half an hour of exercise on alternate days is sufficient to burn side fat. Also, exercises that burn side flab can tone up your oblique muscles as well.

Here’re 10 exercises that burn side flab you can practice at home

  1. Starfish
Starfish Exercises that Burn Side Flab

A variation of side plank, starfish is considered great exercises that burn side flab. And this challenging pose also develops balance.

How To:

• Come in the side plank position
• Straighten your back and balance your position to start
• … Find more

Light Makeup At Home

You Can Do Light Makeup At Home

Heavy makeup isn’t a necessity, but light makeup is. You can’t go to your office with layers of cosmetics sitting on your face. But you will feel comfortable in minimal makeup. And the good thing is that you can easily get light makeup at home.

Here’s the tutorial of doing light makeup at home of your face, cheeks, eyes, and lips.

Face Makeup

Light Makeup At Home For Face

The first thing about light makeup at home for face is to follow a proper skincare routine to prepare your skin for the touchup. Following a skincare routine will keep your skin healthy and healthy skin looks … Find more

Arm Exercises To Reduce Arm Fat At Home

A Dozen Arm Exercises To Reduce Arm Fat At Home

Arm exercises are necessary to rid your arms of unnecessary flab and strengthen and tone your arm muscles. And the good thing is that you don’t need weight for the exercises to reduce arm fat.

Here’re 12 exercises to reduce arm fat you can practice at home

  1. Arm Circles
Exercises To Reduce Arm Fat

It is a simple exercises to reduce arm fat that you can practice at home without requiring additional accessories like a bench or belt.

How To:

• Stand straight with your feet closed and hands by your sides
• Lift your hands laterally to your shoulder level with the palms facing … Find more