How To Get The Perfect Sun-Kissed Look With A Bronzer?

Longing for a celebrity-style sun kissed makeup look & glow over your face. If yes, then take a bronzer and apply it to the areas where the sun would naturally touch your face. But avoid applying the bronzer all over your face as it will make it appear muddy.

Reasons For Using A Bronzer

While contouring would highlight your facial features, a bronzer a little warmth and glow to those features. Since you will apply bronzer on the areas where then the sun would naturally touch, your face will get a sun-kissed glow. Also, it will make your skin appear healthier. And you can use it all year.

While for some, using a bronzer is a summer trend, but little do they know that a little bronzer on their faces could be a massive game-changer.

Do you know how to apply a bronzer?

Proper application with the right tools could give you a sun-kissed glow within moments. And a little mistake in choosing the right color of the bronzer and applying it all over your face could spoil your look.

You simply go on applying a bronzer of any color on your face as there is a set procedure for using a bronzer. And the process starts with cleaning the face and then preparing your skin to accept a bronzer. Also, you shouldn’t use a darker shade as it will look unnatural.

First, know the cosmetics and tools you need to apply a bronzer for sun kissed makeup look

• Foundation
• Concealer
• Powder
• Makeup Brushes
• Bronzer
• Highlighter
• Blush

Apply a bronzer in the following steps for sun kissed makeup look:

  1. Prepare your skin
Prepare Your Skin For Sun Kissed Makeup Look

It is better to start with a clean face with no dirt, dust, excess oil, and pollutants. Clean your face well to get the sun-kissed look you are dreaming about.

• Take a mild cleanser and wash your face well in running water. Make sure the cleanser reaches everywhere on your face
• Treat your skin with a toner and a lightweight moisturizer after your face is completely cleaned.
• Apply a face primer of your choice, but only after the moisturizer has been completely absorbed into your skin.

  1. Apply Base Makeup
Apply Base Sun Kissed Makeup Look

It is an important step as it will provide a base for the bronzer to set decently on your skin. If your base makeup is perfect, you will get the perfect finish.

• Use a brush or preferably a damp beauty sponge to apply the foundation as these makeup tools can cover a larger area.
• Look for dark spots and blemishes and cover them with the help of a concealer.
• Take a tiny bit of powder and lightly brush your face with it.

Note: The advantage of using a powder-based color product is that it will prevent the bronzer from sticking to the skin. The bronzer could look patchy if it sticks to your skin.

  1. Apply The Bronzer
Apply The Bronzer

Since you have cleaned and prepared your face to get the sun-kissed look, it is time to apply the bronzer. But you shouldn’t buy a shade two shades darker than your skin tone. Also, you should avoid buying sparkly colors.

• Take your bronzer brush as it is more convenient to apply bronzer with a brush designed to use the cosmetic.
• Take a little bronzer on the brush and apply it to your cheekbones, hairline, temples, and other high points of your face.
• For better results, follow a C-shaped motion while sweeping the brush across the high points.
• If you want, you can add a little bit of contrast to your jawline. It will give a more natural effect to your face.

  1. Add Some Highlighter And Blush
Add Some Highlighter And Blush

It is the final step in the makeup. The bronze color has been perfectly applied to your high points and you only need to give the final touch to get the perfect sun-kissed look.

• Create dimensions to your facial look by highlighting your high points. But avoid overdoing the highlight. Also, avoid using a product that is too shimmery and highlight your cheekbones only.
• Apples of your cheeks need some blush in the finishing touch. Apply some blush and blend it well with the bronzer to finish the job.

Applying a bronzer shouldn’t take you a long time, but your focus should be on perfection instead of saving time. You should start with collecting the necessary tools and cosmetics and prevent mistakes like using a dark color and applying it all over your face.

Here’re some pro tips:

• Beginners should use a power-based bronzer that is easier to blend and work with.
• A bronzer with a matte finish or minimal glitter can enhance the daytime look.
• Go light while applying bronzer on your nose bridge to prevent the color from looking too harsh.
• Tapping the bronzer on your face will prevent the excess cosmetic from setting on your face.
• Cream or liquid bronzer should be applied in small amounts and built up gradually.
• A fluffy or angled brush is the right tool for applying a bronzer.
• Choose a more red-brown or golden tone bronzer to get the best results.
• Avoid bronzer with an orange-y tinge as it looks unnatural.

Dry Skin Treatment Before Applying A Bronzer

Dry Skin Treatment Before Applying A Bronzer

If you have dry skin, you need to be extra cautious with your selection of a cosmetic and its application. First, you shouldn’t use a liquid bronzer as it can sit on dry patches and come out in flakes.

First, exfoliate your skin, and second, treat your skin with hydrating moisture. After this, you can apply the bronzer followed by a foundation or tinted moisturizer. It will work like a charm.

Final Thoughts

Nothing can treat sun-starved skin like a bronzer. It is a skin enhancer, and when used in the right manner, it can add radiance, warmth, and richness to your skin. Buy a bronzer two shades darker than your skin tone and stick to a powder-based cosmetic, if you are a beginner. If your skin is dry, you need to treat your skin to accept the bronzer. Avoid mistakes mentioned in the pro tips and get the perfect sun-kissed look.

Disclaimer: The above information is only for educational purposes. The readers are advised to follow precautions while buying and using cosmetics.

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