What Are The Herbal Uses Of Rose?

Rose as an herb has been used in traditional Indian medicines for managing different ailments related to digestion, skin conditions, eye care, and soothing senses.

Health benefits of rose

Rose powder or jam (gulkand) is good for managing digestive problems like hyperacidity and diarrhea. Regular consumption of gulkand will boost your digestive system and improve your appetite.

Men with sexual dysfunction like libido and premature ejaculation should take half tsp of gulkand twice a day to improve their sexual power.

Rose water is good for skin rejuvenation. It has astringent properties that make it a great cleanser of skin pores. It also balances skin oils to prevent the formation of acne and pimples.

Rose water has healing and cooling properties that make is suitable for use to relieve eye strain.

The fragrance of rose can help reduce stress and improve insomnia. Using rose candles at home will make a calm and soothing atmosphere.

How to use rose?

Rose as an herb can be used in different forms like powder, jam, water, oil, and leaves. Also, it is available in capsule form. You can grow rose in even a small flower pot to get fresh petals that you can chew or make their paste for skin treatment. Or you can buy rose water and gulkand from the market for daily consumption. Since packed products have a good shelf-life, you can keep your rose products for a long time.

Rose tea made from fresh rose petals can aid in your weight loss efforts. Take a couple of rose petals and rinse them with running water to remove dirt and grime from those leaves. Boil a cup of water in a pan and add rose petals to it. Boil the petals until they become brown. Strain the tea in a cup and drink it twice a day.

Disclaimer: Rose as an herb can be used for curing many gastro and skin problems. But one should consult his doctor before using rose water.

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