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Makeup Tips For Your Old Mascara Wand

5 Makeup Tips For Your Old Mascara Wand

What do you of the mascara wand once the mascara is used up? If your answer is throwing the wand out then this blog is going to change your opinion forever. A mascara wand is a makeup accessory that you can use even when you aren’t using mascara. Or in other words, you can find more uses for the wand.

Some Potential Makeup Tips for Uses Of Mascara Wand

If you look at a wand, you will find that it is a handy tool that can be used for grooming eyebrows, setting dry hair, exfoliating lips, and improving your eyelashes. And you can use your old mascara wands without any training. But you need to sanitize the wand properly before it is made to use.

Here’re 5 makeup tips for uses of your old mascara wands

  1. Brush Your Eyebrows
Brush Your Eyebrows With Mascara Wand

Thinking of throwing your old mascara wand just because you haven’t used it for a long time! If yes, then think again as it can still be used for makeup especially grooming your eyebrows. Whether you want to apply brow gel to your eyebrows or simply want to brush the eyebrow hair to get neat and tidy eyebrows, your old mascara wand is the right tool for the job. A mascara wands can help in softening the harsh edges and lines of the eyeshadow. In this way, you can make your eyebrows look natural.

How To:

• Sanitize your old mascara wand with a detergent solution or alcoholRead more

Light Makeup At Home

You Can Do Light Makeup At Home

Heavy makeup isn’t a necessity, but light makeup is. You can’t go to your office with layers of cosmetics sitting on your face. But you will feel comfortable in minimal makeup. And the good thing is that you can easily get light makeup at home.

Here’s the tutorial of doing light makeup at home of your face, cheeks, eyes, and lips.

Face Makeup

Light Face Makeup

The first thing about light makeup at home for face is to follow a proper skincare routine to prepare your skin for the touchup. Following a skincare routine will keep your skin healthy and healthy skin looks beautiful even with minimal makeup.


• Clean your face and apply moisturizer
• Apply sunscreen as well, if you want added protection from the sun
• Using a primer is a good idea as it will provide a base for the makeup and allow it to sit for a longer time


• Start with a coat of foundation on your face. Take a stippling brush or a sponge and start applying the foundation in a circular and dabbing motion. Start from the center and blend it outwards to even out the skin tone.
• See whether you are getting the desired coverage. If not, then use a concealer to achieve perfection.
• Seal the makeup with a powder. Take a fluffy brush and apply powder all over your face in a sweeping motion. Give special … Read more

Effective Tips To Deal With Makeup Problem In Summer

10 Effective Tips To Deal With Makeup Problem In Summer

Summer isn’t the right time to wear makeup or it would be more appropriate to say that you need to change the way you wear makeup keeping the summer heat in mind.

As soon as you step outside, the hot sun will start baking your makeup. Skin produces excess sweat to cool off but the excess moisture could drain the layers of your makeup. Also, the melted makeup can enter your skin pores and create more problems.

Here’re 10 reliable ways of doing makeup in the summer time

Face Wash With Oil Control Properties

Face Wash With Oil Control Properties

Buy a face wash that can soak the excess oil with impurities and give your face a fresh look and feel. Also, it will tone up the skin cells. A cool sprinkle of a quality face wash followed by a pat dry session with a towel or tissue is sufficient to recharge your cells. Summer heat could be harsh on your face, but this simple formula can keep you fresh all day. Just a splash of a refreshing face wash is enough to rejuvenate your skin.

Ice Treatment

Ice Treatment For Summer Makeup

Grab an ice cube and start pampering your skin soft and tender facial skin with the cool stuff. You can use it directly but be careful so as not to irritate the capillaries in the skin. A cold touch isn’t good for delicate skin, but there is little harm in pampering your skin with an ice cube to prevent the meltdown of … Read more

Hide Acne Behind The Foundations

Summer Makeup Tips That Don’t Melt With Rising Mercury

You need to be extra cautious & follow tips while putting on makeup on summer days as high temperatures can melt the foundation. At this time, sweatproof and water resistance cosmetics could be a better choice but finding the right product could be a difficult job.

Tips for finding the right foundation for summer makeup

Always wear a liquid foundation….

A liquid foundation is easier to apply and it blends in seamlessly as well. Also, you’ll get a high coverage finish with a liquid foundation. So, give try a liquid foundation this summer.

Create your foundation….

Prepare your foundation by mixing your favorite moisturizer and foundation to make a unique combination that provides added nourishment while hiding all blemishes and dark spots.

Hide acne behind foundation….

Hide Acne Behind The Foundations

Summer is the time when your skin is more prone to acne but you can hide the acne under a sheer lightweight foundation. Also, it should be an all-over solution for the acne problem.

Invest in the right summer makeup shade….

Skin remains lighter during winter days but sunning at the beach or rooftop could lead to a darker complexion on summer days. Investing in a deeper shade of foundation is the right choice in wintertime. Similarly, you should be cautious about your skin complexion while choosing a shade for summer.

Check the formula….

The heavy foundation formula that helped during winter days won’t help in the summer months. You need to look for … Read more

Makeup mistakes

7 Common Makeup Mistakes That You Should Fix It Now

Makeup is an art. It needs to look perfect, therefore, a woman always tried various experiments to make it best.

Unfortunately, you’re not contented with your makeup. Why?

It is just because of silly mistakes. You should recover them fast to get a flawless and confident look with your own makeup whether it is for a party or regular. Here 7 common makeup mistakes that every woman does, and you will need to fix it soon.

Makeup mistakes

  1. Ignoring or using a brow pencil

eyebrows makeup

Well, to get proper finish your brows need to fill out very carefully in a way that it doesn’t look unnatural or weird. Using a brow pencil is still effective, but not as completely. If you want your brown look natural then use angled brush or powder to fill our small spots. This produces a natural and perfect shape of brows.

  1. Using the wrong primer with foundation and skin type

foundation choosing tips

Primer is utmost to get a natural and matte finish. According to makeup artist, it is very important to choose the right foundation, a primer for your skin type and also those who complement each other. In case, you have a water-based foundation so you have to pick water-based primer with the same brand.

  1. Brushes are important

Makeup only looked fine if your brush has master strokes to give an amazing finish. To wear makeup always cherry pick right brush for the right purpose. Moreover, you should make sure your brushes are cleaned and fresh for every makeup. … Read more