How DIY Japanese Face Mask Rejuvenates The Skin?

Best DIY Japanese Face Mask

Japan is the most advanced country in the world. It is said that they live in the future. They have the technology that other countries can only dream of. But when it comes to health and beauty, Japanese people rely on their traditional knowledge. For example, take a DIY Japanese face mask.

DIY Japanese Face Mask

What Is A DIY Japanese Face Mask?

It is a homemade face mask and Japanese people have a secret mask they call DIY Japanese face mask. But it is no longer a secret as the recipe for this homemade skincare product is already out. Also, it is surprising to know that anyone can make this mask at home with their kitchen ingredients. Japanese people still use this mask for its benefits.

Here I’m sharing the recipe for the secret Japanese skincare product


The DIY Japanese face mask is rich in vitamin B complex which makes it more useful. Also, it is suitable for all skin types and people of all ages. The biggest thing to note about this face mask is its history. It isn’t a chemical formula prepared in a laboratory but a grain available in every kitchen. Also, all ingredients of the face mask are natural.

Why Is Vitamin B Complex Necessary For The Skin?

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex supports skin health in many ways such as preventing acne, skin rashes, and premature aging. Its deficiency can cause dry and flaky skin, cracked lips, and wrinkles. Japanese people know the advantages of vitamin B complex and for this reason, they still rely on DIY Japanese face mask.

Vitamin B Complex Benefits

B1 (Thiamine)

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

This vitamin boosts collagen production necessary to control the emergency signs of premature aging. Vitamin B1 has a hydrating effect on the … Read More

10 Reasons To Buy An Activated Charcoal Face Mask

DIY Charcoal Face Mask

The way activated charcoal cleanses and detoxifies the skin is hard to do with any other ingredient. It is for this reason that everyone including celebrities recommends wearing an activated charcoal face mask. While a regular mask only unclogs pores, charcoal can go a step ahead in absorbing environmental pollutants responsible for free radicals.

Charcoal Face Mask

A charcoal face mask peel is especially beneficial for people with acne and blackheads. Charcoal helps reduce excess oil that is the price cause of skin problems. As the level of environmental pollution has increased, people are facing more problems with their skin. But there is little to worry about as you can use charcoal for cleaning your face.

Buy an organic charcoal face mask that you can use at home and wear it as prescribed on the product packing. It is both simple and affordable. Also, there are many brands making face masks with charcoal as an active ingredient. They even try different combinations like turmeric and green tea to give more benefits to users.

You can try a DIY charcoal face mask or buy one from the market depending on your needs. The advantage of a readymade product is comes in handy during rush hours.

Jelly Mask Powder For Face Mask Skin Care

Jelly Mask Powder For Face Mask Skin Care

Brand: Lancity
Active Ingredients: Bamboo Charcoal, Hyaluronic Acid

This charcoal face mask peel is better suited for treating wrinkles and acne. If you have these skin … Read More

What A Green Tea Face Mask Can Do To Your Skin?

Matcha Green Tea Face Mask

Green tea bags work well on puffy eyes and dark circles around the eyes. But a green tea face mask can improve your overall skin condition. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce skin irritation, redness, and swelling. Also, an abundance of antioxidant EGCG makes green tea a good anti-aging agent. Antioxidants rejuvenate dying skin cells to fight premature aging.

Green tea face mask benefits include skin moisturizer and hydration. It can treat acne and remove blackheads. If you have scars or acne marks, you can remove all skin blemishes with this face mask. Regular use of this mask can exfoliate your skin, clear clogged pores, and control oil. It removes excess oil from the skin and even minimizes sebum production.

Green Tea Face Mask

Let’s with a green tea face pack homemade


  • Green tea – 1tsp
  • Baking soda – 1tsp
  • Honey – 1tsp
  • Water – optional

How To:

  • Brew green tea in a cup of water and let the leaves soak in the oil for about an hour
  • Let the leaves cool for 15 minutes
  • Put the leaves in a mixing bowl and add baking soda and honey to them
  • Mix all the ingredients until they make a thick paste
  • Add some water to prevent the paste from becoming too thick for facial application

If you want, you can bring variations in your DIY green tea face mask

  • Replacing baking
Read More

6 Multani Mitti Face Packs For Acne Treatment

Multani Mitti Face Packs For Acne Treatment

Acne is a common skin condition but sometimes it could become painful and leaves scars on your face. While many skin creams on the market can help fight acne, the best way to prevent this problem with your skin is to keep your skin clean. And the best way to clean your skin of dirt, grime, dead cells, and pollutants is to use Multani mitti.

Just make a facemask of Multani mitti and wear for a couple of minutes or until it dries to get clear and glowing skin. It is easier to make a Multani mitti facemask at home and you can even improve its quality by adding turmeric, sandalwood, and other things to it.

Let’s elaborate on the topic to know more about the advantages of Multani mitti in curing acne and various ways of making Multani mitti facemasks with other ingredients like turmeric and yogurt.

What Makes Multani Mitti Good For Curing Acne And Pimples?

Multani Mitti Good For Curing Acne And Pimples

Multani mitti has the properties that can soak excess oil from your skin pores so you don’t get acne. Also, it can work as an exfoliator and remove dead skin cells that can hide your natural beauty.

The biggest advantage of Multani mitti is it mixes well with aloe vera gel, rose water, curd, and even plain water. You can easily prepare a face pack at home and get the following benefits.

• Multani mitti contains magnesium chloride in rich quantities. Magnesium chloride is the prime ingredient in acne-fighting creams.

• It keeps skin pores clean by reducing the production of excess oil which is a prime reason for clogging of skin pores.

• Rich in minerals and other useful compounds, Multani mitti leaves a clarifying and soothing effect on the skin.

• It has excellent skin-lightening properties that can fade acne scars and pigmentation resulting from acne. These properties will further improve the glow on your skin.

• Multani mitti … Read More

14 Homemade Facemasks For Naturally Beautiful And Glowing Skin

Homemade Facemasks For Naturally Beautiful And Glowing Skin

Skincare products promise quick results but the results are never long-term. And these products work for as long as they are used. If you want to bring a natural glow to your skin then you should turn to homemade masks that can prepare and wear at home. Also, you have a wide range of facemasks options to choose from.

  1. Strawberry Facemask
Strawberry Facemask


• Fresh Strawberries (6-10)
• Honey (1tsp)

How To:

• Mash the strawberries with honey in a mixer or you can use a hand blender to get a thick consistency
• Apply the paste on your face like a mask for 20 minutes
• Wash off the mask with lukewarm water followed by cold water

Note: Use fresh strawberries only as tinned, canned, frozen, or packed pulp forms don’t give the consistency you need for using a facemask.

  1. Aloe Vera Facemask
Aloe Vera Facemask


• Aloe Vera Gel (1tsp)
• Milk Cream (2tsp)
• Turmeric Powder (1 pinch)

How To:

• Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and blend them well until you get a thick paste
• Apply the paste all over your face and neck
• Leave it for 20-30 minutes so your skin gets the nutrients from the ingredients
• Rinse off the paste with lukewarm water when it is dry

  1. Tomato Facemask
Tomato Facemask


• Tomato Juice (2tsp)
• Buttermilk (3tsp)
• Cotton Ball (1 piece)

How To:

• Cut the tomato into two halves and squeeze the pieces to draw fresh juice
• Add buttermilk to the tomato juice and blend them well
• Take the cotton ball and soak it in the solution
• Dab the soaked cotton ball all over your face and neck
• Leave it for 30 minutes
• Rinse it off with lukewarm water

  1. Honey And Milk Facemask
Honey And Milk Facemask


• Fresh Milk (4tsp)
• Honey (2tsp)
• Cotton Ball (1 piece)

How To:

• Warm the milk slightly and … Read More

Kaya’s 11 Most Popular Beauty Treatments

If you are looking for skin care treatment, Kaya Skin Clinic’s customized treatment options could help maintain a youthful appearance even at an advanced age. These are in-clinic services provided by seasoned dermatologists and therapists

Pigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation Reduction
  1. Pigmentation Reduction System – Superficial

This treatment is designed for curing dark spots, age-related spots, and other pigmentation issues. Products used for treatment are produced with carefully chosen ingredients.

• An Intense Clarity peel containing botanical extracts with excellent de-pigmentation properties
• Enhanced skin regeneration improves skin tone
• Botanical extracts reduce excess melanin production

Kaya offers a cream containing phytic and azelaic acid that is good for your skin. You can buy the product for use at home and get results within two weeks.

  1. Insta Clarity Laser Action

Kaya presents Insta Clarity Laser (Q-Switch Laser) therapy to remove unwanted spots and get clear and radiant skin. It is a quick action formula to get desired results.

• An invisible beam of laser targets the excess melanin and dark spots
• Gives clear skin in just one session

Anti-Aging Treatment

Anti-Aging Treatment
  1. Youth Brilliance – Early Signs

Control early signs of aging with the tri-active formula of the Intense Clarity Peel system developed by Kaya. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin texture, and gives younger-looking skin.

• Derma Peels: Exfoliate the skin to reduce uneven patches
• Botanical Whitening Agents: Reduce age-related spots and pigmentation
• Wrinkle Lift Mask: Makes skin firmer firm and smooth

  1. Kaya Derma Regen 4 Layer Therapy – Anti-Aging Facial

It is an anti-aging facial that nourishes hydrates, moisturizes, and rejuvenates the skin. It is a four-step therapy that involves the use of freshly harvested seaweed.

• Seaweed softens the fine lines, evens out the skin tone, and enhances the moisturization level of the skin
• The massaging formula used boosts skin elasticity
• Seaweed facemask improves the skin hydration, clarity, and skin tone
• The fine mineral … Read More

10 Effective Tips To Deal With Makeup Problem In Summer

Effective Tips To Deal With Makeup Problem In Summer

Summer isn’t the right time to wear makeup or it would be more appropriate to say that you need to change the way you wear makeup keeping the summer heat in mind.

As soon as you step outside, the hot sun will start baking your makeup. Skin produces excess sweat to cool off but the excess moisture could drain the layers of your makeup. Also, the melted makeup can enter your skin pores and create more problems.

Here’re 10 reliable ways of doing makeup in the summer time

Face Wash With Oil Control Properties

Face Wash With Oil Control Properties

Buy a face wash that can soak the excess oil with impurities and give your face a fresh look and feel. Also, it will tone up the skin cells. A cool sprinkle of a quality face wash followed by a pat dry session with a towel or tissue is sufficient to recharge your cells. Summer heat could be harsh on your face, but this simple formula can keep you fresh all day. Just a splash of a refreshing face wash is enough to rejuvenate your skin.

Ice Treatment

Ice Treatment For Summer Makeup

Grab an ice cube and start pampering your skin soft and tender facial skin with the cool stuff. You can use it directly but be careful so as not to irritate the capillaries in the skin. A cold touch isn’t good for delicate skin, but there is little harm in pampering your skin with an ice cube to prevent the meltdown of the makeup. A gentle massage for a couple of seconds is sufficient to close the large pores and prevent the makeup from melting. Pat-dry your skin after the treatment.


Toner For Summer Makeup

Applying a quality toner to your facial skin up to the neck area is sufficient to rejuvenate your tired skin. And you can use a toner with a cotton ball. Simply take a toner cream on a Read More

How To Do Gold Facial At Home In Easy Steps?

Gold Facial

Gold facial is really the gold standard in facial treatments. It includes gold particles that give a natural glow and fairness to the skin. Facial is necessary even if you do the regular cleansing, toning, and moisturization of your skin. Facial treatment at home can give amazing results.

Every beauty-conscious woman chooses a gold facial but not everyone can afford it because of its high cost. A gold facial in a salon could cost you anything between Rs. 1500-3000 depending on the parlor. So, gold facial parlor treatment is really an expensive and time-consuming affair.

Try doing a gold facial treatment at home….

It is possible and you can do it with the right product and little knowledge on how to do the facial. In this way, you can reduce both cost and time while getting the right skin treatment. And you can get a gold kit for one-time use at Rs. 250 only. Or you can buy a bigger branded kit for multiple uses. Brands including VLCC, Shahnaz Hussain, and Jovees offer gold facial kits from Rs. 400 to 1000 and they have sufficient material for 5-6 facials. Buying a gold facial kit will save you money and allow freedom to do the facial according to your need.

Advantages of gold facial treatment at home

Advantages Of Gold Facial Treatment At Home

A gold facial kit contains gold ash made of 24-carat gold pieces. It will make a gold collagen mask for your face and give you the power of gold. Its biggest advantage is its suitability. It suits every skin type and skin tone.

• You can do gold facial irrespective of your skin type
• A gold facial kit can remove toxins and repair cells damaged by oxidation
• The golden ash can prevent your skin from suntan and repair whatever damage is done by the sun
• Lightens the complexion
Improves blood circulation in … Read More

8 Benefits Of Masoor Dal Face Pack


Lentils especially masoor dal can be used for skin enhancement. It makes a great face pack good for skin brightening and facial hair removal. Here we’ll discuss the masoor dal face pack reviews that you can use to glow your face.

Masoor Dal Face Pack Reviews:

All round face pack

Use it to exfoliate skin. It tightens pores and removes tan. Also, it will nourish your skin and make it oil-free to prevent development of acne. Soak masoor dal overnight to make a thick paste of the lentil in morning. Add 1/3 cup of raw milk to it and apply it on your face for 20 minutes before washing off and pat dry.

Masoor Dal Face Packs

Daily face wash

Make a paste of 1 tbs of masoor dal powder, 2 tbs of milk and a pinch of turmeric and apply the pack on your face. If you have dry skin, you can add a few drops of coconut oil in the paste. And you need scrubbing the face pack instead of washing it off.

Brightening face pack

It brightens skin by removing dark spots. Also, it cures dry skin and pimples. Soak masoor dal overnight and make a paste of it. Also, add 1 tsp of raw milk and almond oil in the paste. Apply it for 20 minutes before washing it off with cold water.

Dry skin masoor dal face pack

Soak masoor dal in milk overnight and grind it into a thick paste in the morning. Apply it all over your face for 20 minutes and wash off the paste to get a glowing skin. If you have oily skin, you can use water instead of milk.

Methi face pack

Methi Face Pack

Soak masoor dal overnight and grind it into a thick paste to apply on your face in the morning. Apply it evenly on your face and let it dry. … Read More

Frustrated With Your Dry Hair? Follow These DIY Egg Mask For Immediate Results

Hair Treatment

The first love of any girl is her hair whether they are short, long and curly. However, you are taking care of your hair perfectly by considering Salon treatments such as hair spa, smoothing, etc. But how long will you take help of saloons? Getting dry hair treatment from saloons are quite expensive and not everyone can afford it. So here for you, we have rounded up some of the best DIY eggs masks that can help you to keep your hair smooth and shiny for a long time.  

3 DIY eggs mask you should try for dry hair treatment

1. Egg mask for dry hair treatment

The egg is a rich source of proteins, vitamins and healthy minerals that keep your hair highly nourished and soft for a long time. This egg mask can help your hair get a life to live again. To prepare the mask all you need 2-3 eggs and blend it perfectly. This will cause bad odour, to get rid of it add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in it. Now apply it evenly on your hair and leave it for 20-30 minutes and wash your hair with cold water

Dry Hair Treatment With Eggs

2. Egg and coconut mask 

For stronger hair, the combination of eggs and coconut mask can help you to get beautiful and strong hair. To use this mask add one egg yolk in a bowl and one tbsp. Of coconut oil and honey as well. Mix all the ingredients well and apply it on your hair for 20 minutes. Then wash your hair with water

3. Egg and olive oil mask 

Egg and olive mask can nourish the hair scalp and give beautiful hair. To prepare this mask all you need to take one egg and one teaspoon of olive oil. Mix both ingredients well and apply it on your hair for 20 … Read More